A meerkat Life Wiki

Welcome to A Meerkat Life Wiki[]

This wikia is to show people how fun, exciting and dangerous it is to be a meerkat.


  1. You must ask me (Sophie the meerkat) or a staff member before taking a meerkat.
  2. You need permission from the meerkats owner before using them for something
  3. We have started with 4 mobs, although splinters or evicted females and rovers can make a new mob. Just ask a staff to make the territory and mob.
  4. Just have fun!!
  5. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask :}

Questions? If you have any questions just message a staff member.

Ok get started! I (sophie the meerkat) am ussualy on, so you can ask me most of the time. Also, when you get a meerkat it will be named, but you can choose if you want it as a female or a male. Also, new mobs can have any name.Well,what you waitin' for?? Get started!!!! -Sophie the meerkat :}3(Funny Moustache :3)also feel free to help around, every 10 contributes you give puts you up a stage.Who knows?You could become the co-owner!!

Latest activity[]

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