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Allegro Whiskers
Allegro inbetween 2 unknown relatives
Allegro inbetween 2 unknown relatives
Some attributes
First Mob(s): Whiskers
Second Dominant: No
Third Date of Birth: 17th of January 2014

Date of Death: N/A Still Alive Cause of Death: N/A Still Alive

Other attributes
Fourth Parents: Skatkat and Sundance kid

Litter-mates: Little'un, Kleintjie, Crochet, Clintonia, Fable and Bootle Mate(s): None

Fifth Known for: Born in mixed litter
Sixth Also known as: Curious Allegro

Allegro is a newborn pup in The Whiskers Mob. He is curious about most things and is usually hanging around his brother (possibly cousin), Crochet. He is also couragous and quite daring. Allegro may become an dominant male or a famous rover as an adult, thanks to his curiousity and daring ways.


Allegro is an couragous and brave pup. He is curious about everything and everyone he comes by, and is also adventurous at good and bad times. His disposition makes him a potentional dominant male in the future, or a famous rover, traits he shares with his cousin/brother Bootle.


Allegro was born into a mixed litter of seven in the Whiskers mob. Due to this, his parents and litter-mates are unknown, though he is most likely the son of Skatkat and Sundance Kid, since they spend alot of time with him and the other pups in the mixed litter, Little'un, KleintjieCrochet, Clintonia, Fable and Bootle.  Allegro is usually exploring the burrow and copying the babysitters by pretending to be on look-out.  When he's not doing this he's sleeping or hanging out with his brother/cousin Crochet. He is still alive in the Whiskers today