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Andreas was an caring meerkat known for being first noted Dominant male of the Young Ones.  He is also known for being the great grandfather of Skatkat and other famous meerkats, female and male.

Some attributes
First Mob(s): Young Ones and possibly wild.
Second Dominant: Yes of the Young Ones
Third Date of Birth: Unknown

Cause of death: Killed by Lazuli

Other attributes
Fourth Parents: Unknown

Litter-mates: Unknown Mate(s): Miss Bunny and possibly others.

Fifth Known for: First dominant male of Young Ones
Sixth Also Known As: The Lost Mate


Andreas (VMYO002) was born into a wild group, possibly The Young Ones, but more likely an unknown mob. His mother could have been the dominant female or an subordinate female while his father could have been the dominant male or a rover. He could have had up to six litter-mates and also might have been an single pup. He was first seen as the dominant male of The Young Ones.

Young Ones[]

Andreas was first seen as dominant male of The Young Ones. He had joined the group with his possible brother, Rufus, whom he always had much trouble with. Rufus was even seen mating with the dominant female, Miss Bunny. Andreas was also not the father of most the mob. Roving males were always around mating with all of the females, and Miss Bunny the most. Miss Bunny seemed to prefer rovers over Andreas. This made Andreas angry and violent towards the others, and he started to attack his subordinates and roving males, untill eventually Miss Bunny was impressed, and only mated with his. After that, Andreas took on a very caring perosnality, changing the group's life. Soon after, Miss Bunny gave birth to a single pup, Marganie.


Andreas foraging after Miss Bunny's death.

A year later and Miss Bunny was pregnant for the last time and the first one in a while. She had reached the age where she could no longer have pups easily, so this would most likely be her last litter. She gave birth to two males, Erik and Derek.  A few weeks later and the Young Ones were in a battle with the Lazuli, their new neighbours. During the fight, Andreas saw a dead body in the sand. He was scared and, unsure if it was a Young Ones or a Lazuli, he called the Young Ones to retreat. At the burrow later that evening, Andreas was looking for Miss Bunny for their daily before-sleep groom. He couldn't find her anywhere. This was because the dead meerkat he had seen was in fact Miss Bunny. The loss was bad and a big blow for Andreas, and all the females were related to him, meaning that he would be unnable to retain the position of dominant male. His daughter, Marganie, took female dominance because all of her elder sisters were no longer in the group.  A few months later, Andreas calmly passed male dominance to Boss-Man of the Lazuli, a male who had before mated with Marganie. Boss-Man he was soon predated, and his little brother Keros who had joined the group with him took male dominance. Since he was happy to take a subordinate role in the mob, Andreas was allowed to stay for the rest of his years.

A few years into Marganie's reign as dominant female, Andreas was babysitting her newest litter, Lucky, MollyHolly, Brangles and one other, when the Lazuli came showed up on a raid. When The Young Ones returned, they found Andreas savagely killed by the Lazuli. He had gone the same way as his mate, this time while protecting the pups, all but one of whom survived. It was a brave way to go, and his blood-line still lives in now The WhiskersThe AztecsThe Mayans and JaXX mobs.


Andreas lookout

Andreas on lookout

Parents: unknown

Mates: Miss Bunny, possibly unkown females before her

Brother: Rufus

Daughters: Marganie, possibly others before her

Sons: Erik and Derek, possibly others before them