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Andy Lazuli
Some attributes
First Brothers: Daryl and Ryan

Sisters: Peahen and Butterfly

Second Known for: joining The Mayans with his brother, Daryl
Third Also known as: The 'Nard 'Kat (by researchers)
Other attributes

Andy was born in The Lazuli mob, on December 3rd, 2008. His parents were the dominant pair at the time, and he had four littermates; his brothers, Daryl and Ryan, and his sisters, Peahen and Butterfly. Later in life, he joined The Mayans Mob with his brother Daryl. Andy is role played by Percy Meerkat.


As a young pup, Andy wanted desperately to fit in with his siblings, and because of this he was often percieved as a bother by his siblings, most notibly Daryl. Seeing as his brothers would rather wrestle with each other, Andy spent more of his time playing with his sisters Peahen and Butterfly, or else watching the babysitters very closely.

Seeing as he was always learning the babysitters' tricks, Andy became a very good digger very fast. He was quickly the more talented one in the litter--although he was matched with Ryan for how well he war danced.

As is typical with meerkat pups, Andy and his littermates went foraging on their forth week. Andy was digging quite well and caught many prey items, but their fun was soon cut short: unexpectedly, a goshawk swooped down out of the treetops, and the Lazuli had barely enough time to escape. Butterfly wasn't fast enough, and the goshawk ended her brief life.

Andy and peahen

Babies Andy and Peahen, with a babysitter.

After Butterfly's passing,the next year or so passed without much to bother the Lazuli. Than, their calm streak was abruptly ended, when, as they were planning on returning home from foraging, a large puff adder was spotted residing in a burrow. Most of the Lazuli stayed to mob the snake, while Ryan and Andy hurried to safety. They hid in a bolt hole, Ryan frightened, but soon Andy got curious about the puff adder again. Meanwhile, Andy's brother, Daryl, got too close to the snake, and it struck, biting him hard on the head. Around this time is when the other Lazuli's disperced, and Andy returned. He found the snake dead and Daryl fatally wounded. Looking around for other predators and calling out for help, Andy sat down next to Daryl and attempted to comfort him. The hours dragged by and then the days with Andy watching over his brother, until, after nearly a week, Daryl could muster enough strength to return to the Lazuli's main burrow, helped along by Andy for most of the way. After this week that they spent together, the two meerkat brothers were inseparable.



Andy on sentry duty, in the Mayans

Once Daryl had regained his strength, he and Andy took to roving. They roved for quite a while at The Whiskers Mob--during this time, Ryan and Peahen were last seen--and then at The Aztecs. But it wasn't until they reached The Mayans that the two boys resolved to settle down. Andy hadn't enjoyed roving much anyway, and Daryl had found himself a girl--the dominant female of The Mayans at the time, a pretty little female known as Turkey. But Andy wasn't quite as pleased as he'd seemed with being Daryl's subordinate. When Turkey left the crown to Rocket Dog and she, desinterested, took power, Daryl lost a bit of interest in the job. It's been seeming recently that Daryl would be happy to hand the title over to Andy.