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Artemis Mayans
Some attributes
First Mobs: Mayans and wild
Second Dominant: No
Third Date of birth: August 19 of 2008
Other attributes
Fourth Date of Death: July 2010
Fifth Parents: Rocket Dog and unknown
Sixth Children: Unknown

Artemis is a meerkat known to be Rocket Dog's second eldest daughter. She almost became a mother in the Mayans twice, but both times her litter were killed. Finally she dissapeared with Samba, Arwen and Scarlet. It's unknown what happened to them.

Artemis as subordinate in the Mayans[]

Artemis (VMYF133) was born in the Mayans Mob. Her mother was caring Rocket Dog and her father was an unknown rover that her mother mated with before. She had three brothers, Snickers (VMYM131), Raymond (VMYM132) and Wildkat (VMYM134). She was the only female in her litter, so this could have meant that she was the indulged pup. Well, just could, because her mother loved them all equally and taught them in the same way. Her mother tought her how to survive, with the help of the few members of the group. And, susrprisly, all the pups survived, despite the Mayans being such a small group! Artemis was a good baby-sitter and a loyal female, parituarlly clever, even for a meerkkat. She often was on sentry duty and liked to climb trees. She kept a low profile as subordinate her first couple of years. Her brother Wildkat was a good rover, and went with her older brothers, Karim, Bilbo and her cousins Miles and Gazebo, until they sadly dissapired on January 2010. Her other brothers, especially Snickers, were more loyal to the group.

On January 2010 she was pregneat for the very first time, but sadly she wasn't the only one. Her cousin Samba and her older sister Arwen were pregnant too. Her mother was kind with pups, and didn't killed any of them, and didn't evict subordinates for giving birth when she wasn't pregneat. Artemis was the first of the females that gave birth. She tried to babysit her pups, but she had to eat. Worrying about her pups, her mother didn' leave another baby-sitter than her. Finally Artemis had a good idea: she ran away to find the group and find another baby-sitter. But she didn't know that Samba was watching near the burrow. She was the "other" baby-sitter. And when Artemis returned with Aragorn, it was too late. That night, she was very depressed. She was groomed by Rocket Dog, who didn't know who was the murder of the pups. Just Samba knew it. Just Samba. Between the other


Artemis in March 2009

females, it was imposibble that they could have pups if the two were in he group. Her mother was pregneat in Febraury, so she was evicted for the very first time, with Samba, Arwen and Scarlet. On March her mother gave birth to a large litter of pups, and she was allowed to return. Aragorn and her stayed back to babysit them, with Snickers. They were rewarded by their mother, having groomed her constantly. In this group any female had an eviction scar, made by Rocket Dog. She loved her children, only Arwen had a little scar in her nose made by Samba. In March, she became pregneat again, but she aborted in April and was not evicted. In the winter, the group splited in two halfs: Rocket Dog and Aragorn ruled one, while Samba and Rocksteady the other. It's unknown if she was in Rocket Dog's half. Her brother Snickers and Grus went roving after the split. But soon the original half met up the other and Samba was put in her place. Aragorn just gave the crown to Rocksteady. She was marked by her mother like all the females and put in her place. But Samba started to be rebelious and wanted dominance. It was a little revolution of the females Samba, Arwen, she and Scarlet. They were trying to overthrow Rocket Dog: This was a fatal mistake.

Rocket Dog grew angry and dissapointed with them, evicting them all from the group. Then she evicted Neko and Ricou. Ricou returned after a couple of days, being so young, and Neko after a month. But when the other females got closer the group, they were chased off. At the end of July there was no sign of them, and they were concidered last seen, although they probably they met up wild males, with Samba or Arwen taking the dominance. But Mimi was one of the elders under this two females and being rebelious, there are bad news for poor Artemis. However her fait remains unknown.