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First Known for: second dominant male of The Young Ones
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Boss-Man was a roving male turned dominant male, born into The Lazuli. He imigrated with his brother, Keros, into The Young Ones Mob, becoming mates with Marganie before his early death.


Older meerkat with pup

The much older Boss-Man had an instant bond with his baby brother, Keros

Boss-Man was born in the Lazuli mob, sometime before 1992, as he was probably around six months old at the time that they began being tracked. His possible mother, the dominant female at the time, was heavily pregnant and soon gave birth to a litter of pups, one being Keros. Boss-Man was very playful but gentle with the pups, and had an immediate bond with Keros. At a a year and a half, Boss-Man became roving buddies with younger Keros, and they frequented The Young Ones.

Young Ones[]

Boss-man with little keros

Young adult Boss-Man with teenage Keros

Boss-Man mated with The Young Ones dominant female, Miss Bunny, more than once, but did not join the group at that point. It was a few months after he had bred with Miss Bunny's daughter, Marganie, before he was allowed to join the group. At this point, Miss Bunny had past away and Andreas, the dominant male, was willing to take a subordinate role. Despite being above him in rank, Boss-Man was still very playful with Keros. But Boss-Man's reign was cut short, when he was caught by a jackal while out foraging with the other Young Ones. Keros stepped up to the plate and became dominant male after his death. Boss-Man had already produced a litter with Marganie before his death.