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Brangles Young Ones
Rp brangles
Some attributes
First Mob(s): Young Ones and Whiskers
Second Dominant: Yes of the Whiskers
Third Date of Birth: 28th of March 1995

Date of Death: 23rd of July 2002 Cause of Death: Starvation

Other attributes
Fourth Mother: Marganie

Father: Keros

Fifth Sisters: MollyHolly and Lucky

Brother: Unnamed pup

Sixth Known for: dominant female of the Whiskers

Young Ones[]

Brangles was born into The Young Ones Mob on March 28th, 1995. She had two sisters, MollyHolly and Lucky, and one brother who was killed by The Lazuli mob before he could be named. Their parents were the dominant female, Marganie, and the dominant male, Keros. The mob was small at the time due to numourus evictions, and contained only a few adults and a number of teenagers. The pups' weeks at the burrow passed without incident, and they soon were allowed to go foraging. Brangles proved herself a reasonably good digger, but rathered to play with her teenage brothers.

Teen brangles2

Teenage Brangles

When Brangles and her sisters were three months old, their mother Marganie was predated. Lenore, their elder half-sister, took dominance. The next year passed quite calmly for Brangles, who never seemed to attract the affections of roving males. Because of this, Lenore never evicted her. When the group split in half due to overpopulation, Brangles was with Lenore's half and happily fed her pups, gaining even more favor. The Young Ones soon came together again, and MollyHolly and Lenore fought for the crown. Brangles kept a low profile, but, after MollyHolly lost, Lenore thought it fit to evict all of her younger siblings, so Brangles joined up with her sisters, a juvinile male and two Lazuli rovers. This was the formation of The Whiskers Mob.


It had been found out that Brangles was pregnant, but she promptly abordted after being evicted from The Young Ones. In the newly formed Whiskers, Brangles mated with the dominant male, Argin, and took a domineering attitude towards her little sister, Piggo. But MollyHolly was much more determined and, after Brangles gave birth to Freya, killed her pup. For poor Brangles, this was enough to end her attempts to gain leadership, and she took a subordinate role in the group.


Brangles, pregnant with her twins

For the next two years, Brangles was often evicted and attacked by MollyHolly, who was worried about having a female as old as she was in the family. Brangles slowly began to get fed up with this treatment, and was showing all the signs of a revolutionary. But, before Brangles could challenge MollyHolly's dominance, her sister was bitten by a cape cobra, and did not survive the attack. Brangles proudly assumed dominance, while Argin went roving. When Argin came back, he was soon predated by a hawk. Delphon took male dominance over the group and bred with Brangles. She produced a litter of two, a male and a female. Sadly, this was a dangerous time. There was a major drought doing through the Kalahari, and neither pups were recieving enough milk. They didn't survive their third week. Around this time, Delphon went missing. Depressed and starving, Brangles wandered away from The Whiskers while they were foraging, and her dead body was later found in a bolt hole. She had been starving, and the deaths of her pups and mate had weakened her will to go on living. Brangles was succeeded by her sister, Lucky, and niece Skatkat soon after.