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Some attributes
First Sister: Peahen

Brothers: Daryl, Andy and Ryan

Second Cause of death: predation
Third Unknown
Other attributes

Butterfly was born in The Lazuli mob on December 3rd, 2008, to the dominant pair of the Lazuli at the time. Her littermates were her sister, Peahen, and brothers, DarylAndy and Ryan.


Butterfly was born in late 2008, to the dominant pair of the Lazuli, in a litter of five pups, two females and three males including Butterfly. She was the daintiest meerkat in the litter and very shy, prefering naps and bird watching over wrestling. Her more adventerous brothers, Ryan and Daryl, disliked their more "lady-like" sister, and she spent more time with Peahen and Andy, who was also somewhat outcast by the other boys.

After a very calm first week out of the burrow, Butterfly and her sisters went foraging for the first time. She stuck close to her teenage siblings, who were more than happy to bring food to her. Butterfly spent a happy five days coddled by the other members of the group, and started to learn the fun of wrestling with Ryan. But the fun was soon cut short: as they were out foraging one day, a goshawk was spotted in a tree, sitting in a nest with her chicks. She made her presence known by carelessly cawing before she took flight, and the dominant male barked a warning to the other members of the Lazuli. While her siblings were able to make it to a bolt hole, Butterfly wasn't nearly as quick as they were. The mother goshawk swooped down on her, cutting short Butterfly's brief life. But Butterfly lives on through her brothers, sister and their offspring today.