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Cheetera rp
Some attributes
First Mother: Skatkat, Father: Sundance Kid

Sisters: Petra, Mad Eye Moody and Daia, Brother: Pantxo

Second Known for: Skatkat's first litter with Sundance Kid
Third Also known for: best sentry, and growing up fast
Other attributes

Cheetera is a subordinate female in The Whiskers Mob. She is role played by Percy Meerkat.


Cheetera was born with three sisters, Petra, Mad Eye Moody and Gaia, as well as one brother, Pantxo. Her mother is the dominant female, Skatkat, and her father wasthe dominant male, Sundance Kid. As a pup, Cheetera wasa complete tomboy, often sneeking up on the babysitters and attacking their tails. She didn't like to play with her sisters Petra and Gaia, who were much too sensitive about being bitten, and prefered to interact with Mad Eye Moody and Pantxo, who shared her sence of humour.

Cheetera baby

Two month old Cheetera out foraging

As a teenager, Cheetera mellowed--quite surprisingly--and took on a much more refined and calm attitude, often babysitting and standing sentry. Despite being so young, she was better than a majority of the sentries in the group, and allerted them to many predators long before others would have. As an adult today, she still retains this strong, dependable personality.


From pup to teenager, Cheetera went through a dramatic change in personality. This change helped her to become a great sentry and warrior. Despite having great dominant female potential, Cheetera feels a great sense of loyalty to her mother and father. This was proven when, despite foraging right beside Spatula and hearing her lead calls destinctly, Cheetera resisted the urge to follow her aunt and stayed along side her parents. In addition, she has resisted all urges to follow the very common roving males, and as a result has never gotten pregnant.


Mother: Skatkat

Cheetera pantxo

Baby Cheetera and Pantxo

Father: Sundance Kid

Sisters: Petra, Mad Eye Moody and Gaia

Brother: Pantxo

Grandmother: Marganie

Grandfather: Andreas