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Chili Pepper
Chili pepper
Some attributes
First Mother: Peahen

Father: unknown Sisters: Cilantro and Water Cress

Second Cause of death: N/A still alive
Third Known for: fire-red patch of fur over her eye
Other attributes
Fourth Also known for: one of the young founders of the Zappas

Chili Pepper was born in The Lazuli mob in 2009. Her mother was subordinate female Peahen and her father an unknown Whiskers male. She has two sisters, Cilantro and Water Cress.


Chili Pepper was born in the Lazuli, in a litter of three females. Chili was very rambunctious and boisterous girl, often trying to get her sisters to play when they were trying to nap, or attacking the babysitters' tails whenever they twitched. Whenever her sisters were eager to play, Chili was all the more eager, and was normally the winner in wrestling matches.

At four weeks old, Chili Pepper and her sisters went on their first foraging trip. Chili was very quick and didn't bother to pester the babysitters for food, prefering to snatch it from their mouths. But on one foraging trip, everything changed: the pups witnessed their mother being evicted. Chili and the others were very frightened, and they ran to their uncle, Ryan, who comforted them. He rarely left the pups' sides again, becoming their primary care giver in the clan.

Unnamed Mob[]

Two months later, when Chili Pepper, Cilantro and Water Cress were juvinile pups, they and Ryan were foraging slightly farther away from the main foraging party. Chili Pepper was leaping over Ryan's back and whining at him while pushing at his neck, trying to get him to hand over the scorpion he was trying to swallow. Turning to nip at him again, Chili spotted another meerkat. The scent confirmed it: Peahen was back! Excitedly, Chili ran up to her, barely outrunning Ryan, and hugged her around her neck with her front legs, and groomed her mother's neck and chest. After a few minutes of grooming and sniffing and excited growls and barks, Peahen ran back to where she had come from, yelping gleeful lead calls. Spiritedly, Chili almost ran in front of Peahen following her. Cilantro, Water Cress and Ryan jogged after them.

Chili pepper and sisters

Chili Pepper with her sisters

Chili, Ryan and the other pups were lead to Peahen's burrow. Not only did they stay the night, but Peahen lead Ryan and the pups out foraging the next morning. Ever the optomist, Chili expected them to return to the Lazuli, and even when they returned to the burrow that night she didn't mind. As Chili got used to the fact that they were going to live solely with their mother and uncle, their group grew with the addition of a few other evicted females. And it continued to grow over the next four months, as other evictees and roving male uncles, as well as with the addition of a litter of six babies. During this time, Chili Pepper proved herself quite the fighter, defending the newborns in the burrow from a young cape fox, as well keeping all rovers away from the burrow. Soon, Peahen and Ryan lead the small group to new burrow, and Chili Pepper kept a watchful eye out for danger. The burrow they moved to was off of the KMP area, and Chili Pepper and her family was concidered last seen.



Chili Pepper, early pregnancy February 2014 in the Zappa

And then, very unexpectedly and after two whole years of being gone, Chili Pepper, her sisters, her mother, her uncle, the six pups (now adults) and some other unknown members re-appeared on January 2014. At first the researchers assumed that it was just another wild mob that had walked into the area, but when they were close to Water Cress she didn't run away. Since this was unusual for a "wild" meerkat they did the same thing and got close to Ryan and he too was comfortable with them. Finaly, after a few months they discovered it was her mother Peahen's lost group. Eventually, the wild meerkats, including the new dominant male, Rum, were habutated. Before they could lose them again, they collared Peahen and Rum (though Rum's his collar was later on removed) and called the clan the Zappa. Chili Pepper is currently pregnant (to Whiskers rover Roggongo) as well as Water Cress (mated with Pippin from the Mayans) and Cilantro (mated with Aztecs rover Lightning).  Chili Pepper is still alive in the Zappa today.