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Some attributes
First Mother: Peahen

Father: unknown Whisker Sisters: Chili Pepper and Water Cress

Second Cause of death: N/A still alive
Third Known for: one of the juvenile founders of the Zappa mob
Other attributes
Fourth Also known for: disapearing and reapering with relatives

Cilantro was born in The Lazuli mob in 2009, the daughter of Peahen and an unknown Whiskers male. She has two sisters, Chili Pepper and Water Cress.


Cilantro chilipepper watercress resised

Cilantro and her sisters

Cilantro was born to Peahen of the Lazuli, in a litter of three females. She and her sisters were babysat only by their mother and their uncle Ryan, because they had been born to a subordinate. All of the triplets got along very well, and loved to wrestle. Cilantro was an extremely quick learner, and followed the subordinates instructions well, soon surpassing her sisters in digging, standing, etc.

Around the time that Cilantro and her sisters were on their second or third foraging trip, their mother was evicted. The girls were confused and upset, but their dedicated uncle Ryan never left their side again, and helped them get over the loss of their mother.

Unnamed Mob[]

Two months later, Cilantro and her sisters were officially juvinlies. They were foraging totally on th eir own now... well, Cilantro was. Her less agile sisters continued to beg for food from a very annoyed Uncle Ryan, which was exactly what they were doing while Cilantro enjoyed a summer millipede that she had caught on her own. But from somewhere behind her, there was a yelp of surprise from Ryan. Sniffing the air excitedly at the familliar scent, Cilantro hurried around to greet her mother. She and her sisters nuzzled up against Peahen as she groomed them and Ryan. So excited to see her again, Cilantro and her sisters didn't question it when Peahen made lead calls, and they leaped joyfully after her, followed by Ryan. Peahen brought them to her burrow, and Cilantro and the other three Lazulis took the rest of the day off from foraging to get to know Peahen again.


Cilanto feeding a pup in the unnamed mob

The next day, none of the meerkats returned to the Lazuli. Cilantro was confused, and didn't forage as well that day, when lead out by Peahen and Ryan, as she normally did. But she got over the shock quickly, when, after a week, it was clear to her that they were staying with their mother and uncle.

A month passed quickly, and the Cilantro was quite happy with her new living arangements. They had been joined by one of their aunts, and were feeling safer by the day. Three more months passed, and Cilantro was quickly becoming a great sentry. They were joined by a number of their other aunts and uncles, and Peahen, their female leader, gave birth to a large litter. When the new pups were three weeks old, Cilantro eagerly helped her mother lead them to a new burrow. This burrow was outside of the KMP area. Cilantro and the rest of the unnambed mob were concidered last seen.


Chili pepper2

Cilantro, Zappa's girl

Surprisingly, Cilantro and her family reapeared two years later, every single member healthy and alive! Ryan was now a subordinate male under Rum, the wild male who had taken dominance. Cilantro was sentry more often than not, and had developed a more playful attitude, more than she had had when she was younger, surprisingly enough.

When the group--now called the Zappa--reapeared, Cilantro and both of her sisters were soon all impregnated by Whiskers male Roggongo.

Cilantro is still alive in the Zappa today.