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Clintonia Whiskers
Frightened Clintonia
Frightened Clintonia
Some attributes
First Mob(s): Whiskers
Second Dominant: No
Third Date of Birth: 17th of January 2014

Date of Death: N/A Still Alive Cause of Death: N/A Still Alive

Other attributes
Fourth Parents: Possibly Fatty mc Fatty and rover

Litter-mates: Bootle, Fable, Allegro, Crochet, Kleintjie and Little'un. Mate(s): None

Fifth Known for: Born In Mixed litter
Sixth Also known as: Scared Clintonia

Clintonia is a meerkat pup in The Whiskers Mob . She is always alone, being scared of everything and everyone the exact opposite as her cousin or brother Allegro, who loves everything.


Clintonia is a small pup, easily frightened of everything and everyone. She will most likely die young and has no traits for a good babysitter or dominant female, and most likely will spend her whole life--if she survives--as an evictee.



Clintonia going down into the burrow 15th of February 2014

Clintonia was born into the Whiskers mob January 17th, 2014.  She was born into a mixed litter, so her parents and litter-mates are unknown, but since Fatty mc Fatty is always trying to get close to her, she is probably the daughter of Fatty mc Fatty and Sam, a meerkat from the Mayans. Her litter-mates are most likely Fable and Bootle, since all three are ignored by Skatkat and Sundance kid who are the most likely parents of the other four pups, Allegro, Crochet, Kleintjie and Little'un.  Clintonia is still alive in the Whiskers today.