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Crochet Whiskers
Crochet with his possible brother, Allegro
Crochet with his possible brother, Allegro
Some attributes
First Mob(s): Whiskers
Second Dominant: No
Third Date of Birth: 17th of January 2014

Date of Death: N/A still alive Cause of Death: N/A still alive

Other attributes
Fourth Parents: Possibly Skatkat and Sundance kid

Litter-mates: Possibly Little'un, Kleintjie, Allegro, Bootle, Fable and Clintonia Mate(s): None

Fifth Known for: Born in Mixed litter
Sixth Also Known as: Lazy Crochet

Crochet is a lazy young pup in The Whiskers Mob and is usually sleeping or hanging around with his brother/cousin, Allegro.  He sleeps almost everywhere, and as an adult will probaly just laze around.


Crochet is lazy and always sleeping with possible brother Allegro.  He hardly ever is standing up and when he does, is its with Allegro. He has a clear connection with Allegro and will probaly stay with him his whole life.


Crochet Allegro2

Crochet with Allegro

Crotchet (VWM744) was born into the whiskers mob on the 17th of January 2014.  

He was born in a mixed litter, so its unknown who his litter-mates and parents were. Probably his parents were the dominant couple, Skatkat and Sundance kid because they spend so much time with him.  His litter-mates are Little'un, Kleintjie, 

Allegro, Clintonia, Fable and Bootle.  He usually is sleeping, being such a lazy meerkat, and is also usually found hanging around with Allegro. Crochet is still alive in the Whiskers today at the age of barely four weeks old.