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Some attributes
First Brothers: Andy and Ryan

Sisters: Peahen and Butterfly

Second Known for: roving male turned dominant male
Third Also known for: large facial scar
Other attributes

Daryl was born into The Lazuli mob, on November 3rd, 2008. He was the son of the dominant pair, and had two brothers, Andy and Ryan, and two sisters, Peahen and Butterfly. He is well known for his old days in roving, as well as for the scar over his eye and for becoming dominant male next to Turkey and Rocket Dog in The Mayans Mob. Daryl is role played by Percy Meerkat.


As a pup in the Lazuli, Daryl was often irritated with his brother Andy, who loved to pester him to wrestle whenever he wasn't interested. He rathered to play with his other brother Ryan, as well as Peahen, both of whom were much more lay-back than Andy. His sister Butterfly, on the otherhand, was very dainty and lady-like--quite boring, in Daryl's opinion--and he didn't play with her very much, either. At four weeks old, the pups went on their first foraging trip. The first five or so days out with the adults were going very well, until Butterfly was suddenly predated, when she failed to make it to the bolt hole after a hawk was sighted.

After Butterfly's passing, the next year or so passed without too much incident. A few months after their first birthdays, Peahen was evicted by the dominant female with a number of her older sisters, but was let back in again quickly, being young. Around this time, the Lazuli ran into their neighbors at the time, The Whiskers. After the short fight, it was apparent that Daryl had recieved a small but noticable scar just above his left eye.

Andy comforts daryl

Andy trying to comfort Daryl, after the snake attack

A month later, his cut fully healed, the Lazuli's ran into more trouble. A huge puff adder had taken up residence in one of their main burrows. While Daryl's littermates, Ryan and Andy, were frightened off of the scene, Daryl snuck very close to the snake, and succeeded in provoking it. The adder struck, taking a deep bite into Daryl's head. Knowing before the pain even struck what had happened, Daryl made the snap decision to retaliate. He took a lunge at the snake, and sunk his own fangs into it's head. This succeeded in killing the snake, and they collapsed together into the burrow. The Lazuli had no choice but to retreat, leaving Daryl alone. But as it turns out, he wasn't alone. His brother Andy had returned while Ryan headed home, and Andy watched over Daryl until nightfall, when he helped his ingured brother to fully enter the burrow. By the next day, Daryl still didn't have the strength to move, and, although he left on occasion to forage briefly, Andy stayed with Daryl for the rest of the day. And the following day. And even the next. In fact, they stayed together for the entire week before Daryl was able to return to the Lazuli. He was extremely weak, but he had been foraging again for a couple of days. Thanks to the snake bite, Daryl retains an unhealable scar, an extention of his original.

Roving Days[]



Despite having prefered to play with Ryan as a youngster, the past week had made Daryl and Andy grow very close. They now rarely spent time away from each other, and, both having reached maturity months ago, became roving buddies. The boys spent quite a bit of time at The Aztecs, and Daryl was able to successfully mate with Cruise.

After Daryl and his brother returned to the Lazuli, they stayed for a number of weeks, until the start up of the rainy season. Once food was plentiful again, they set off again, this time focusing their attentions on The Whiskers and Mayans more often than the Aztecs.



Daryl on guard. His mate, Turkey, can be seen foraging

After stubling upon The Mayans, Daryl found the possition of dominant male not empty, but the dominant male, Sam--the dominant female's brother--looked at Daryl's eyes and scars, knowing that this rover was worthy to be at his sister's side, and happily gave him the dominant male position. The dominant female, Turkey, was quite lovely, and accepted both of the boys into the group. After a breif power struggle that lasted a mere couple of minutes, Daryl succeeded in becoming dominant male, and sealed the deal by impregnating Turkey. Soon after she had her litter, however, Turkey, for unknown reasons, gave up her role as leader and Rocket Dog assumed dominance. However, Daryl's loyalty had been to Turkey and Turkey alone, and he seemed--he still seems--on the fence about keeping his position of dominant male. With his brother becoming a bit restless in his possition as a mere subordinate, it is possible that Daryl may someday soon hand the job over to Andy without a fight, should Andy show a desire to rule.