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Some attributes
First Mother: Miss Bunny

Father: Andreas Brother: Erik

Second Cause of death: last seen
Third Known for: last litter of both Miss Bunny and Andreas
Other attributes
Fourth Also known for: disliked roving

Derek was born into The Young Ones Mob, the son of Miss Bunny and Andreas. He had one brother, Erik.

Young Ones[]

Derek was born into The Young Ones with his twin brother, Erik. They had one confirmed older sister, Marganie, who was their constant babysitter during their first three weeks of life. On their first day out foraging, Derek and Erik were very spoiled by Marganie, who was constantly bringing them millipedes and scorpions in an attempt to keep her mother happy. But things started heating up fast, when Andreas noticed the Lazuli about to attack. Derek and his brother were hurried into a bolt hole, and remained there for the entire of the battle. Being mere pups, both brothers soon went to sleep. They were roughly awakened more than an hour later, and Andreas carried Derek home. Both pups were nervous about their mother's whereabouts, but went back to sleep upon reaching the burrow.

After Marganie became The Young One's dominant female, Derek and his brother were even more spoiled with food throughout the rainy season. Because of this special treatment, both brothers grew up healthy and fit.

After Erik left to rove, Derek didn't do much, even failing to stand sentry when it was his turn. Apparently, without nudges of encouragement from Erik, Derek was fufilled by lazing around all day. He babysat on occasion--this was the only time that he would stay on full alert--but other than that he wasn't a very useful member of the group; and he liked it that way.


Erik and derek

Derek (right) watching the sunset with Erik.

After Erik returned from his tenth consecutive roving trip, he finally forced Derek to get out of the sand and do something. Erik brought Derek along roving with him, and, with his twin to keep safe, Derek finally began to stand sentry for a reasonable amount of time. Erik did a majority of the actual roving, and it is unknown if Derek actually fathered any litters.

They were away from The Young Ones for a consiterable amount of time, and often dissapeared off of the KMP's raidar for days at a time. Finally, they reapeared in the company of several wild females. They seemed to be forming a new group, with Derek taking a subordinate role under Erik. Before Erik could be collared, he, Derek and the females left the KMP area, and were consitered last seen.