A meerkat Life Wiki
Some attributes
First Mother: Miss Bunny

Father: Andreas Brother: Derek

Second Cause of death: last seen
Third Known for: last litter of both Miss Bunny and Andreas
Other attributes
Fourth Also known for: great rover

Erik was born into The Young Ones Mob, the son of Miss Bunny and Andreas. He had one brother, Derek.

Young Ones[]

Erik was born into The Young Ones, the twin brother of Derek. Their parents were Miss Bunny and Andreas, and their only for sure older sister was Marganie. Marganie babysat Erik and Derek more often than any of the other meerkats in the clan, trying to make up for mating with Boss-Man and keep from being evicted again.

On their first day out foraging with the adults, Erik and his brother were brought much food from Marganie. But soon, things took a turn for the worst, as Andreas spotted The Lazuli group war dancing towards them, and Marganie hurried the pups to a nearby bolt hole. The fight lasted for an hour and a half, and during the time that they were underground Erik and Derek dozed off. They were woken by Andreas nudging them, and Marganie clambering out from under them. The fight had finished, and Erik was carried home by Marganie. They went quickly back to sleep back at the burrow, although they were unsure of the whereabouts of their mother.

After Marganie took dominance, Erik and Derek were brought even more food throughout the rainy season. Being the last pups of Miss Bunny, they were very valuable. They grew up very healthy and fit, and Erik soon took to roving, although his brother prefered to stay home with Marganie's pups.


Erik grooming a female

Erik wooing one of the Lazuli's subordinates.

Erik was quick to rove--leaving just after his first birthday--and was a natural at it. He was seen mating with several of the Lazuli's subordinates and fathered countless litters with them. It is likely that he also roved at wild groups, because he was known to dissapear for days at a time.

Around the time that Erik and his brother turned three, Derek finally went with Erik on his first roving trip. They were gone from The Young Ones for a very long time, and were seen in the company of several wild females. One female was heavily pregnant and taking charge of the others. Erik was seemingly taking the dominant male possition, often grooming the female and scent marking Derek, who was happy to take a subordinate role, much like his father Andreas. Before Erik could be collared (the female was much too wild) the small group left the KMP area. Erik and Derek were considered last seen.