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Greegan playing alone in the tree

Greegan is one of the youngest children of Rocket Dog, and is very much like his mother, being brave and strong.

Greegan (VMYM179) was born in the old and good Mayans mob on Febraury 2013. His mother was Rocket Dog, a subordinate at he time, and his father was a rover from a unkown group. He had one brother, Will (VMYM180) and one sister, Muscat (VMYF181). He and his litter-mates were a new litter of Rocket Dog, after almost a year of a drougth without litter. Rocket Dog was very found of her litter and took good care of them. The dominant female at the time was Greegan's older sister Turkey, who didn't care about Greegan and Rocket Dog. Rocket Dog rescued him and his sibblings from the Whiskers with Santa and Ling when their rivals attacked. Zelda ran away to alert the group, but SkatKat and the Whiskers kept chasing them, down and down into the burrow. He and his sibblings went at the end of the burrow, while his mother and olders brother and sister defended them. But all became good when the Mayans returned and fought with their rivals. They ran away, but with he and all the members of the burrow. He and his sibblings survived to adult, thanks to all the group. His mother Rocket Dog took the dominance of the group again on December 2013. As an adult, he was a good babysitter and sentry, just like his mother. Greegan still alive in the Mayans today.