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Kleintjie Whiskers
Sneaky Kleintjie sneaking away from Sleeping Mum SkatKat
Sneaky Kleintjie sneaking away from Sleeping Mum SkatKat
Some attributes
First Mob(s): The Whiskers mob
Second Dominant: No
Third Date of Birth: 17th of January 2014

Date of Death: N/A still alive Cause of Death: N/A still alive

Other attributes
Fourth Parents: Probbaly Skatkat and Sundance kid

Litter-mates: Little'un, Crochet, Allegro, Possibly Bootle, Fable and Clintonia Mate(s): None

Fifth Known for: Born in Mixed litter
Sixth Also known as: Sneaky Kleintjie

Kleintjie is a small, sneaky pup in The Whiskers Mob. She is role played by Sophie The Meerkat


Kleintjie is sneaky pup, usually causing trouble for her family and causing stress for her mother, Skatkat , who loves her dearly.


Kleintjie (VWF746) was born into the Whiskers mob on 17th of January 2014.  Her mother was either the dominant female, Skatkat, or one of the subordinate females, Fatty mc Fatty, while her father was either the dominant male, Sundance Kid, or an unknown rover.  Since she was born in a mixed litter, it is unknown who her litter-mates were, although it's possible that they are


Kleintjie getting lost again

 Little'un, Crochet, Allegro, Clintonia, Fable and Bootle.  Kleintjie is curious about everything, and is usually sneaking away from her possible mum Skatkat and is probaly going to die young, thoough if she survives with her daring and determined attitude, than she shows quite the dominant female spirit.