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Some attributes
First Known for: Born into mixed litter
Second Also known for: unusually introverted
Third Family: Mother: Skatkat of Fatty Mc Fatty. Father: Sundance Kid or unknown rover.
Other attributes
Fourth Also known as: Shy Little'un, Little One, Little Girl

Little'un is a young meerkat pup born into The Whiskers Mob. She is the daughter of Skatkat and Sundance Kid (although it's possible that her parents are Fatty Mc Fatty and a roving male). Her littermates are her brothers Allegro and Crochet, and her sister Kleintjie (although there is a possibility that she is also the sister of Bootle, Fable and Clintonia). Little'un is role played by Percy Meerkat.


Little'un is the youngest in her litter, and desperately shy. She rarely endulges in playfighting, and takes a more 'lady-like' aproach to entertainment, prefering to practice standing on her dainty back legs as well as digging. Because of this, Little'un is highly advanced compaired to the other three week olds.

Occasionally, Little'un enjoys playing with the older meerkats, namely the leaders--Sundance Kid and Skatkat--because she feels less intimidated by meerkats both older and younger than her littermates. She is close with her cousin--or brother--Bootle.


Little'un and babysitter

Little'un and Skatkat

Little'un was born in a mix litter, but she appears to be the sister of Aleggro, Crotchet and Kleintjie, as they are the four that are most looked after by the rest of the clan, and the cousin of Bootle, Fable and Clintionia.

Little'un has been out of the burrow for a mere couple of days, but is a very dainty, lady-like pup, and honesty shows none of the traits needed for a future in the job of dominant female, but shows every aspect of a very good babysitter.


Mother: Skatkat or Fatty mc Fatty



Father: Sundance kid or an Unknown rover

Sisters: Kleintjie, Fable and Clintionia

Brothers: Crochet, Allegro and Bootle.

Aunts: Cruise, Fatty mc Fatty and Mozart

Uncles: Roggongo and Belgarion

Grandmothers: MollyHolly and Mohumagadi

Grandfathers: Argin and Richard

Great Grandmothers: Marganie and Unknown

Great Grandfathers: Karges and Unknown