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Marganie Young Ones
Dominant female Marganie
Dominant female Marganie
Some attributes
First Mob(s): Young Ones
Second Dominant: Yes of the Young Ones
Third Date of Birth: 6th of November 1992

Date of Death: 30th of June 1996 Cause of Death: Predation

Other attributes
Fourth Brave and caring, but also very sensible

Subordinate Female Marganie[]

Marganie was born into The Young Ones Mob on November 6th, 1992. Her parents were the dominant female, Miss Bunny, and the dominant male, Andreas. Her mother had appeared to be having a nicely sized litter--maybe four or five--but Marganie was the only one to emurge. It is still unknown what happened to her litter mates, but it could be possible that she actually was the only one in her litter and just a very, very large pup--which she was--but this seems highly unlikely.

Marganie grew up surrounded by her large family, The Young Ones, and was a very brave and intelligent pup. She was often able to steal food from the older meerkats, despite their size advantage, and Marganie grew healthy and fat as a teenager.


Sub-adult Marganie

Just a week after her first birthday, Marganie ran into Boss-Man, a roving male from The Lazuli mob. They mated, and Marganie returned home. Miss Bunny could smell Boss-Man's scent all over Marganie, and evicted her immediately, as Andreas looked on, nervously. Marganie spent the next four weeks alone, following The Young Ones wherever they went. After this month past, Marganie tried to rejoin her family, and was allowed, as it was apparent at this time that Boss-Man had not successfully gotten her pregnant. Nontheless, Miss Bunny kept a close eye on Marganie, who stayed home quite often to babysit her newest brothers, Erik and Derek.

One week later, Erik and Derek were on their first foraging trip with the adults. Marganie brought them not only beetles and scorpions, but millipedes (it was the rainy season), because she was desperate to stay on Miss Bunny's good side. Unfortunately, Miss Bunny wasn't paying any attention to Marganie, and was focused on foraging. Suddenly, Andreas barked an alarm call, and everyone turned their attentions to where he was looking. It was the Lazuli, and they were coming straight for them! Marganie hurried her little brothers to a nearby bolt hole, and the battle between The Young Ones and The Lazuli lasted for an astounding hour and a half. Finally, Andreas came to find Marganie, and she woke the pups, before they crawled nervously out of the burrow. Andreas lead The Young Ones home, but Miss Bunny was nowhere to be seen.

Dominant Female Marganie[]


Marganie happily sporting her radio collar.

At the burrow, it was apparent that not everyone had made it home. Not only had Miss Bunny been killed in the attack, but a substancial number of the other adult members of the group. To weaken the group further, most of their strongest males had been roving at the time, and their strongest females evicted. Now they were down to a mere fourteen members, not counting the pups. With only a few other females in the group any older than her--none of whom seemed interested in the possition--little Margarie, only a year and a half old, took female dominance of The Young Ones.

A number of weeks past, and everything seemed to be going very well for Margarie. Although she hadn't yet found a mate and Andreas hadn't even attempted a roving trip, most of her older brothers and/or uncles had returned, restoring the group to a strong twenty members, plus Erik and Derek. Even though it would allow for better babysitters in the future, Marganie didn't let a single evictee back into The Young Ones. They were all much older than she and posed a serious threat to her newly established dominance.

Boss-man and marganie

Boss-Man and Margarie

Another meerkat who posed a threat was her father, Andreas. With him still hanging around, she'd be very unlikely to find a mate. Than, while Andreas was busy fussing over a funny scent, two somebodies emurged from the bushes. It was Boss-Man, Marganie's first ever mate. But he wasn't alone this time; his baby brother Keros was with him. Marganie, seeing an opportunity, hurried to the rovers. They were a bit taken aback by her willingness, and a confused Keros saw this as an offencive move, and ran off to hide in the bushes. Marganie mated with Boss-Man again, and took both of the roving buddies home with her that night. At the burrow, Andreas eyed the males with apprehension, but he never made an aggressive move.

Keros and marganie

Marganie being groomed by Keros, with Lenore in the background

Three months passed this way, with Andreas taking a very submissive role in The Young Ones clan, letting Boss-Man take all of the dominant male duties. While this confused the other members of the group at first, they gradually accepted that he wasn't leaving, and was now just 'one of the guys'. Soon, Marganie gave birth. She had a litter of four pups. They were two females, Lenore and Nessie, and two males, Randy and Merman, all of which would survive to adulthood. Around this time is when Boss-Man was predated, taken by a jackal while foraging. Keros stepped up and took male dominance over The Young Ones at this point. He mated with Margarie, securing his role in the family. The next few years passed this way, with a surprisingly small amount trouble from her subordinates and roving males. During this time, Erik and Derek were last seen.

In 1995, Marganie gave birth to a littler of four pups, two males and two females. Andreas was babysitting them on their first day after being born, as Marganie, Keros and the others went out foraging. A few hours later, the Lazuli's showed up at the babysitting burrow. Andreas was able to hold them off and defend the pups--all except for one of the males, who was taken by the raiding party--until the rest of The Young Ones returned from foraging. The Lazuli were chased off, and Margarie found three of her four pups safe, but her father Andreas had been killed in the process. Not wanting to keep the pups in this burrow any longer, they were moved to a new one that evening.


Lenore becomes dominant female of The Young Ones

Four weeks later, Marganie's pups, Lucky, Brangles and MollyHolly, went out on their first foraging trip. Lucky wandered off into the tall grass, and, not noticing, The Young Ones moved away for a better foraging spot. Lucky was unnable to find them again, and was taken by a goshawk. Although Marganie and the others returned later to look for him, Lucky was gone.

Three months later, Marganie gave birth to a rare single pup, a female named Piggo. Leaving Lenore to watch her, Margarie and the others headed off to forage. Her head deep in the sand, Marganie hadn't seen the martial eagle, nor had she heard Keros' warning. The martial eagle put an end to Marganie's life, and her highly successful reign as dominant female of The Young Ones clan. Her eldest daughter, Lenore, became the next dominant female.


Mother: Miss Bunny

Baby marganie

Three week old Marganie resting at the burrow

Father: Andreas

Brothers: Erik, Derek, possibly others older than her

Sisters: Possibly some older than her

Mates: Keros and Boss-Man

Children: MollyHolly, Lucky, Brangles, Lenore, Nessie, Randy, Merman and several other litters