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Merman as a pup with his uncle, Keros

Merman was born in The Young Ones, the son of Marganie and Boss-Man.

Young Ones[]

Merman (VWM101) was born into The Young Ones Mob, on the 7th of September, 1996.  His mother was the dominant female, Marganie, and his father was the recently passed ex-dominant male, Boss-Man. He had one brother, Randy, and two sisters, Lenore and Nessie. At the time his uncle Keros had taken male dominance beside his mother being the only unrelated male in the group.  A few days after emerging, his Grandfather Andreas was babysitting him alone.  When the Lazuli came his sister Nessie was taken but adopted into the Lazuli while they killed Randy.

Nessie died after a snake bite while evicted from the Lazuli while Lenore died of starvation after being long-term dominant female of the Young Ones after their mother was predated.

His Sister Lenore's Life[]

Lenore was miserable and shy after that day and never did anything untill she reached 2 years old when her mother Marganie was predated and she became the long term dominant of the Young ones.  Though being an normal female she only produced one litter in her three years of dominance.  After that, the Young Ones were infected by TB and soon died out after the loss of Coccy, who took female dominance after Lenore herself died of TB, and soon her whole family followed.