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Miss Bunny
Some attributes
First Parents: unknown

Siblings: unknown Mates: Andreas, possibly other unknowns

Second Cause of death: Killed in fight with Lazuli
Third Known for: first known dominant female of The Young Ones
Other attributes
Fourth Also known for: first meerkat to trust the researchers

Miss Bunny was the first ever tamed meerkat in the KMP!! She was named for her docile nature towards the researchers. Miss Bunny was the first to be reconized and was a wild meerkat like the rest of her family who were the first group to live in the KMP. 


Miss Bunny (WFYO001) was born into a wild mob, possibly The Young Ones or an unknown group. Her mother could have either been the dominant female or a subordinate female and her father could have been a dominant male or a rover. She could have had litter-mates or could have been a single pup, although the former is more likely, just by statistics. She was first seen with the rest of the Young Ones clan.

Young Ones[]


Miss Bunny pregnant with Marganie. Andreas stands behind her.

Miss Bunny was first seen as the dominant female of The Young Ones mob. She was the first meerkat to be tamed while it took a while for the rest of her family to get used to the researchers.  Her family was the first ever mob to step into the KMP.  She was thought to be the mate of the group's possible dominant male, Andreas, though since there were always rovers around it is unknown who the father of her previous litters was, but soon she only mated with Andreas.  Soon she gave birth to the first ever litter in the KMP.  It was unknown how many were in the litter at first, because when the pups was emerging day only one pup came out--Marganie a large female pup.  The years went by and Miss Bunny was having a hard time producing pups, but she still evicted all her eldest daughters except for some who were a bit younger.  She had recently given birth to twin boys, Erik and Derek

Miss Bunny

Miss Bunny, just after giving birth to Erik and Derek. This is the last known picture of her.

Miss Bunny and the rest of the clan were out foraging one day, when Andreas raised the alarm. He had spotted the Lazuli group charging at them. Miss Bunny darted into the fray without a second thought, while her daughter Marganie hid the twin pups below ground. While they succeeded in driving off their rivals, this was Miss Bunny's last battle: She was killed in the fight. But, her blood lives on in many of todays groups, most notably The Whiskers Mob.