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MollyHolly Young ones
MollyHolly As dominant female of the Young ones Splinter group
MollyHolly As dominant female of the Young ones Splinter group
Some attributes
First Mob(s):Young ones and Whiskers
Second Date of Birth:March 28th 1995

Date of Death:January 9th 2002 Cause of Death:Snake bite

Third Dominant:Yes of the Whiskers and A young ones Splinter
Other attributes
Fourth Parents:Marganie and Karges

Litter-mates:Brangles,Lucky and VWM905

Fifth Mate(s): Argin and Unknown
Sixth Children: SkatKat, Cruise, Fatty mc Fatty and Roggongo ext ext

Young Ones[]

MollyHolly(VFYO548) was born into The Young Ones Mob, on the 28th of March, 1995. Her mother was the dominant female, Marganie and her father was the dominant male, Keros. She had two sisters, Brangles and Lucky and one brother, but, sadly, he was killed during a Lazuli burrow rade. At the time, The You Ones were a small mob, with few adults and mostly teenagers. Three calm weeks past, and Mollyholly emerged from the burrow for the first time. After a successful week at home at the burrow, the pups started going on foraging trips. MollyHolly was an excellent begger, and usually got large scorpions and even millipedes, since it was the rainy season.

When MollyHolly was five weeks old, her older sister Lenore gave birth to twin pups, Sanerre and coccy. With Marganie not pregnant, the litter was aloud to live. Than, when MollyHolly was three motnhs old, her mother Marganie gave birth to another litter, thow this would be her last.  Only two weeks after giving birth to a single female, Piggo, Marganie was taken by a martial eagle, and, now proud mother, Lenore took female dominance of The Young Ones. A year passed without much event, but Lenore was starting to have competition from her younger sisters. Eventually she evicted all competitors, and the evictees formed the short-lived Jackson Five mob.

Another year passed, and MollyHolly started getting more competitive. Eventually the group split in two do to overpopulation. MollyHolly took female dominance of the splinter group, but The Young Ones soon re-united and MollyHolly fought Lenore for dominance. Lenore was two years older than MollyHolly and much stronger, and she evicted her, along with sisters Brangles and Lucky and little sister Piggo. The females met up with a recently released five month old male meerkat, Benty. The group of four travelled for two days before they bumped into the Mayans and where chased away. They had little hope of survival, and it appeared that there new mob would fizzle out. Luckliy, two days later, the small gang bumped into two Lazuli rovers, Argin and Delphon.


Lana's profile

MollyHolly as the dominant female

The small gang of seven where named The Whiskers. Only one female was pregnant, Brangles, but she had aborted but during the first four days of the formation she mated with Argin. By the looks of it Brangles would take dominance, but of course MollyHolly was way more domineering and determined and beat her sister into submission. Her other sisters didn't challenge her dominance. Evenutally, Argin took male dominance after scent marking and attacking Delphon all week. Four weeks later, Brangles gave birth to a single female, named Freya.  It was soon discovered that MollyHolly was pregnant, due to give birth in only days. She did the only thing she could do, and killed Freya. The next day she gave birth to four pups, three girls and one boy, Skatkat, Cruise, Fatty mc Fatty and Roggongo.  Two years passed and MollyHolly and Argin where still happily settled as dominants of their ever growing mob. Sadly, this peace was about to end.  MollyHolly had recently gaven birth to two litters, one with two females and two boys the other with one girl and two boys.  he litter of four was: NippleScratcher, Spam, Lanky and Dave.  The litter of three was: Spatula, Hawkeye and Inga.  Two days after giving birth to her last litter, MollyHolly was bitten by a cape cobra while checking a burrow, and soon passed away. Her twin sister, Brangles, was her succesor but she only ruled for a six months before dying of starvation.

Famous Children[]

Skatkat (VFW002) Took female dominance from her Aunt, Lucky and killed Mayans dominant, Rhian.  

Cruise (VFW003) Helped form the Queens, then took female dominance of the Aztecs, Whiskers splinter.

Roggongo (VMW001) Became a famous rover, and eventually became Dominant of the Lazuli.


Baby mollyholly

MollyHolly as a pup, cuddling with a babysitter

Mother: Marganie

Father: Keros

Sisters: Lucky and Brangles

Brother: VYOM001

Neice: Freya

Aunts: Amarula, Annie and Areeka

Uncles: Al Pacino and Alex

Daughters: Skatkat, Cruise, Fatty mc Fatty