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Muscat December 2013

Muscat is a yearling subordinate female in the Mayans.  She has been evicted once at the age of 10 months when, though too young to have pups, mated with an unknown rover by her older sister Kathleen. She is currently usually trying to attack her older sisters, and it is currently unknown why.



Muscat during her eviction

Muscat (VMYF181) was born into The Mayans Mob sometime during February 2013, although since all the researchers were away for all of February 2013, it is unknown what actual date in February she was born.  Her mother was the ex-dominant female, Rocket Dog while her father was an unknown rover.  Currently her older (most likely half) sister Turkey was the dominant female.  She was the only female in her litter, her two brothers were Greegan and Will.  Things went by easy for Muscat and her siblings until November 2013, at the age of nine months old when Turkey gave birth to twin pups, Charlie and Kate. This made Muscat and her brothers no longer the babies of the mob. The father of the pups was the new dominant male, Daryl Lazuli, who had joined the clan with his brother, Andy.  The next month in December 2013 her mother Rocket Dog was for some reason gaven back dominance from Turkey.  Although this made a spanner in Daryl's dominance, he didnt like Rocket Dog and by far preffered Turkey.  That same week, Muscat was evicted for mating (although too young to have pups) with an unknown roving male by Kathleen! but she was accepted back into the group on January 2014 after Kathleen was put again in her place. Muscat is still alive in the Mayans today.