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Peahen profile dominant
Some attributes
First Sister: Butterfly

Brothers: Andy, Ryan and Daryl

Second Cause of death: N/A still alive
Third Known for: dominant female and co-founder of the Zappa
Other attributes
Fourth Also known for: possibly mating with brother

Peahen was born in The Lazuli mob on December 3rd, 2008. Her littermates were her sister, Butterfly, and her brothers, RyanDaryl and Andy. She formed the Zappa mob with Ryan, and was concidered last seen in early 2010, until making an amazing return in 2012.


Peahen was born in The Lazuli late 2008, with four littermates. She could tolerate Andy better than her brothers, and kept him company along with Butterfly. Peahen was keen to watch the babysitters and practice digging and standing, but wasn't quite as good as Andy or Ryan. On her first foraging trip, Peahen did reasonably well. But soon, tragety visisted the Lazuli, when Butterfly was taken by a bird of prey. However, Peahen was carried to safety by an adult, and survived the incident.

Her teenage months passed without incident, and Peahen made it to adulthood with her brothers. She was one of the meerkats who helped to mob the snake before Daryl was bitten. She obeyed her instinced, and followed the rest of the Lazuli back to the burrow--for a while, anyway. On the way back, Peahen attracted the attention of an unknown Whiskers rover, and again obeyed her instincts. 

Peahen profile

As a Lazuli subordinate

A few weeks later, it was obvious that she was pregnant. Her slightly worrisome brother, Ryan, stuck close to her throughout her pregnancy.

At the end of her third month, Peahen gave birth to a healthy litter of three girls, Cilantro, Chili Pepper, and Water Cress. She and Ryan were the only ones to volunteer to babysit the pups, and pretty much switched on a day to day basis. Four weeks after they were born, it was starting to seem like Peahen would be let off the hook. But she wasn't; while the Lazuli were out foraging, she was viciously beaten by the dominant female, and left the Lazuli sprinting, the base of her tail bloody.

Peahen followed the Lazuli around for two straight months, constantly trying to re-enter the group to see her pups. Each time, she was chased away, a number times leaving her very sore. It was becoming clear that she was no longer wanted.

Unnamed Mob[]

Unnamed mob

Pregnant Peahen with her evicted sisters in the unnamed mob

Peahen was growing tick infested and hungry. She had lost quite a bit of weight in her months of her isolation, and would die soon if she didn't join a clan fast. In a moment of pure desperation, she snuck up behind Ryan, Cilantro, Chili Pepper and Water Cress, all of whom were foraging in a litle group a ways away from the rest of the Lazuli. Ryan noticed her, and, excited to see his sister again, didn't alert the rest of the group. They groomed each other, and her happy daughters nuzzled up against her. Sensing an opportunity, Peahen scampered away from them making lead calls. The pups eagerly ran after their mother, and a puzzled Ryan followed as well. They went to the burrow she had been staying in, which they cleaned out for the first time.

The five meerkats stuck together for four months, and Peahen regained her lost weight and strength with the support of a family. Since their were no unrelated males in the group, researchers were reluctant to name their little family or to consider it an official mob, but none the less other Lazuli evictees showed up and joined them, and it was soon discovered that Peahen was preganant again. Although under normal circomstances they would never breed, the only male around was Ryan, so there is a possiblity that they bred together, being the apparent leaders of their small mob, despite being littermates.


Peahen with her pups, moving burrows. This was the last picture before she was last seen

Three months later, the group had grown by two more Lazuli evictees and a couple of their roving brothers who had stumbled upon the small mob before the Lazuli, and decided to stay. Peahen gave birth to a huge litter of six--genders unknown--and the pups seemed healthy, despite the possibility that their parents where brother and sister. At this point, the researchers were concidering giving them an official clan name, but, when the pups turned three weeks old, they moved burrows, heading outside of the KMP area. They never appeared again, and Peahen, Ryan and the others were concidered last seen.



Proud Zappa leader, and mother, three times over at least.

After two years with no information on them whatsoever, Peahen reapeared with her family in 2012. The researchers were amazed to see that she and all of the children that she had produced were alive and thriving. Ryan was now a subordinate male under Rum, Peahen's mate. She and Rum got along very well, suggesting that they have been together for quite a long time. Peahen is a proud and strong leader, and recently gave birth to six pups, who are now three weeks old.