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Rocket Dog Mayans
RD on MMS4
Some attributes
First Mobs: Mayans
Second Dominant: Yes of the Mayans
Third Date of birth: 8 of December of 2003
Other attributes
Fourth Date of Death: --
Fifth Parents: Rhian and Coop
Sixth Children: Aragorn Mayans, Arwen Mayans, Bilbo Mayans, Snickers Mayans, Raymond Mayans, Artemis Mayans, Sam Mayans, etc.

Rocket Dog is a caring, brave dominant female of The Mayans Mob. She is corageous, loving, strong, clever with a good heart, always risking her life to save the group and her children. Nobody believed in her when she was a young dominant and they all preferred Tequila as the dominant female. But she proved that she was mother's sucessor when she became the long-term dominant female of the Mayans. She was bitten by a snake and survived. Today Rocket Dog is almost blind, being the queen of the Mayans for almost six years.

Rocket Dog as subordinate[]

Rocket Dog (VMYF060) was born in a little group named The Mayans. Her mother was Rhian, the dominant female, and Coop, the new dominant male. She was born with three litter-mates, one sister, Dasher (VMYF059) and two brothers, Sprite (VMYM058) and Gladiator (VMYM061). She and her litter-mates were Coop's very first litter and Rhian fourth litter. Her mother liked Dasher better than her, because Rocket Dog was smaller than her sister. After three months, her mother gave birth to a new litter. In April of the same year, her father was otherthrown by Rocksteady. She and her siblings survived to become teenagers. She was a good baby-sitter and liked all the pups. But one day, during in October of 2004, when she helped her sister Dasher, with Wolf when they kidnnaped her little half-brother Basil from the burrow. At last Dasher and the tenns left her only to play. Fortunately for all, her older half-brother Lancelot came and rescued Basil. She didn't do anything like that anyomore. She often babysitted Xixolen's litter, but she abandoned one of the pups when his older brother Darky came and marked her. She and all her litter survived to their first birthday. No longer after that, the Mayans had an encounter with the Whiskers and she and her brother Sprite got separated fron the Mayans. Sprite found the way to arrive to the burrow, but RD was lost. The researchers started to search. After a time they found Rocket Dog, but she was in Whiskers's burrow, taking care of the pups Popkat, Mary Pat and Mad Eye Moody! This was never seen before. When the Whiskers arrived the burrow, SkatKat chased her with all the group, althought she babysitted the pups when any Whisker's baby-sitter came. After that she found her way to  arrive to the Whiskers burrow in the evening.

Young Rocket Dog (VWF060)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)

Young Rocket Dog in May 2004

In 2005 Rocket Dog kept a low profile, unlike her sister. She didn't get pregneat and evicted, but Dasher was the totally opposite. In August 2005, for the very first time, Dasher gave birth to four pups, but when RD tried to nurs them, her mother Rhian came and pushed her out from the pups. Rocket Dog was confused, she was pushed without a reason. At the final, Dasher viscously attacked her, but she fought to defend her life. The problem was that Dasher was much bigger than her. Rhian stopped the fight, evicting Dasher and putting Rocket Dog in her place. She didn't attacked her mother. Dasher returned and she became pregneat so many times after, but was always evicted and she aborted all her litters in the group after that. Her brothers went roving in 2005. Shortly after the fought of she and Dasher, Gladiator was predated, leaving Sprite alone. He returned to the mob, just to stay there for a long time.

In 2006 Rhian was so agresive with the oldest females in the group, including her. Again she didn't get pregneat, so she didn't get evicted, being one of the few females that are not evicted at the age of almost three years and the only one in her group. In March 2006 her little sister Christiana gave birth to three pups. The group just abandoned them, but she and Christiana stayed with the pups. Finally, Sprite went with the two females under the burrow and take one of the pups. The three meerkats took the pups and ran to the burrow. Rhian acepted them, having no other option. In July 2006, her sister Dasher was finally evicted forever from the mob with Lily, Christiana, Mayer, Lynx, Amira and Flo. Mayer was the only female who returned, and the others dissapired, making she and Sprite the last of their litters. In 2006 a drought with the Kalahari and the groups were struggling to survive. Her mother became more and more agresive and the temptation to mate with rovers was stronger and stronger, living almost three years without mate with a male. She didn't know what she could do, but her problems were going to stop.

Rocket Dog as Mayans Dominant Female[]

In October 2006 Rhian gave birth to two pups, fathered by an unknown rover that visited the group. Her mother didn't like the pups, and badly killed the most of them. So being the oldest female, Rocket Dog took care of the last three pups, when Rhian didn't do it. On November 28 of 2006 Rhian tried to leave the pups in the burrow, becuase of the drought and the bad genetic of the pups, they were tiny and weak. But she stayed in the burrow, not believing what her mother was doing. She started to make lead calls, trying to took the control of the group. Rhian and Rocksteady didn't hear her, and ran away with half of the mob. But the other half stayed with her. In this separation of the group, Sprite was so confused and finally he found himself lost and was predated after a day alone. Rocket Dog was the last of her litter, alive. The little group required a strong leader. Being the oldest female she took for the very first time the dominance of her group. Buster took the dominance at her side. And she was pregneat for the first time in December 2006, but she wasn't the only: Mayer, Cazzana, Penny, Kaluha and Lola. But with the drought and the stress to lead a group of 25 members without experience, trying to taking care of the pups, two of the three pups were predated. Just a little female survived, but soon she got lost and with Rocket Dog calling her, the group sadly abandoned her. She was leading the group good, but the drought made it impossible. And all got worst when Rocket Dog gave birth to a premature litter above ground. The pups had a little chance to survive, but her half-brother Harrison end with their short lives, eating them. All was dark for Rocket Dog.

Rocket Dog young dominant

Rocket Dog young dominant March 2007

But all became good when she lead the group victoriusly in a fight with their new rivals, the Lazuli. The rival group ran away, but forgot their little babies, VLP112 and VLM113. Rocket Dog was foraging and after a food-competition with her sister Mayer and started to mark the females, acerting her dominance in the group. One of the young males, Vince, came to the bushes and saw the two pups. He took one of the pups, thinking that was one of the pups of the group and gave it to Rocket Dog. Surprisingly she adopted the little pup, but when she and Vince tried to save the other pup, it was to late, the pup was caught by an eagle. They returned to the mob. The pup was named Karim, she never left him alone and always took care of him. Rocket Dog was doing so well and her group started to be independent. On December 28 of 2006 her group met up the other half. The groups joined again, but the dominance was unkown. Some members followed she and others her mother. She didn't challenge her mother, but some members kept following her. Sadly on January 17 the Mayans had a terrible lost: in a battle with the Whiskers, Rhian was killed by SkatKat. She was now the oldest female in the group and without thinking two times she took the dominance on January 20. In late January her sisters gave birth to a mix litter.

Having experience as the dominant female of a little group, she could do it, but the group had 43 members, a so big challenge and so much difficult for a rookie one. Luckily for her, her uncle Rocksteady was the dominant male, so she had a support to lead the group. But more than a support she needed a mate. She always tried to mate with rovers, but Rocksteady chased them. Another problem were her competitive sister, specially Mayer. She was the oldest female below Rocket Dog. She was always trying to overthrew her and competing with her. But she always defeated Mayer, she never let her lead the group. In March 2007, Rocksteady went roving after years staying in the group. So a young group of Lazuli rovers inmigrated into the group. Buster gave the crown to Vince, the oldest of the three males. She acepted the rover as her new pair, having the control of the group without uncle's help. She happily mated with the rover, but all her hopes got down when she realized that the rover had mated with the most of her sisters. She got pregneat, but Mayer had mated with Vince and Wilson, Vince's brother, and was pregneat with Kaluha and Pepper. Finally Mayer challenged her and after a wild fight, Rocket Dog put her sister in her place. She was angry and tired to attack her sister. So finally she evicted Mayer, but she kept attacking her. The fight started again and wounded Rocket Dog win again. Mayer was so hurt to attack one more time, but then she started to make lead calls. She growled to Mayer, but Mayer wounded call ten members of the group, including some of the pups. Rocket Dog was so far to look what was doing her sister, eating an scorpion. So the Mayans split in two: the other half disappeared and never came back. Rocksteady returned to the mob and kicked out Wilson and took the dominance again. Vince went with Mayer when the group splitted in two halfs. She was depressed, she dissapointed the group. She aborted the litter.

In July 2007 Rocksteady went roving again. She didn't became pregneat, becuase Rocksteady returned on August. But on September he went roving one more time. He got lost with some of the males. Buster took the dominance again, but left the group and was not followed with some other members. But all changed on September when she got pregneat. On October 2007 she kept pregneat, but it was a problem. Her competitive sisters, now Cazzana and Penny, that were trying to mate with rovers, so this was so bad for her dominance. Rocket Dog was big and strong and Cazzana wanted to stay in her good side, that was seen when she trying to eliminate her rivals, evicted Penny and Cazzana came and tried to help. Rocket Dog was clever and she knew that that wasn't loyalty. The day after that, she found Cazzana with a rover. She attacked Cazzana, but didn't  evict her, giving her a second oportunity. Then she evicted Kaluha, Misty, Millie and Shelly, just to protect her litter, after seen them with rovers, being the oldest under her. But Cazzana was more and more disloyal and finally Rocket Dog evicted her at late October, when she was showing little sings of a pregneat female. Only Misty and Millie returned, and the other females dissapired, probably formed a new group with wild males, with Cazzana taking the dominance.

But all changed to her when on 5 of November of 2007 she gave birth to her first surviving litter, that had two pups: Aragorn (VMYM128) and Arwen (VMYM129), one male and one female. This pups were fathered by Wilson, her ex-mate, Vince's brother. She loved so much her pups, and always was taking care of them. They were her proud and joy. One day she left her pups with Lola and her adopted son Karim. She had a good day of foraging and when she returned, she found Lola with Wilson and Karim so hurt and trying to chase Wilson's twin brother, Vardoc, but Vardoc was so big than Karim. Her two pups were in danger and Lola was mating with the rover.  Fiercely she and the group attacked the rovers and saved Karim. Then she pushed and marked Lola, being so rebelious. But her pups were in a terrible danger now. A snake was underground. Rocket Dog called Karim and they went under the burrow to save the pups. All the group was so worried, waiting them. Suddenly she went out form the burrow with Arwen in her mouth, followed by her two sons, Aragorn and Karim. All the group hold them, happy for their safety. Rocket Dog was so much angry with Lola, she was older than Karim, and was mating with Wilson, but she was taking care of her pups, and couldn't pay attention to Lola. She and Lola didn't get along, being that Lola was Dasher's daughter.

In January 2008 she got pregneat again, but she wasn't the only. Misty, Lola, Millie, Tobermory and Samba. She evicted Misty, Tobermory and Oriole at the first, being Tobermory so much rebelious, mating with Wilson. But Lola and Millie were so much dangerous for her litter. She evicted Lola, with Millie. But she remembered Cazzana and, the next morning, she evicted Millie, but being so young, she allowed Samba to stay, so different as so much dominant females. Samba gave birth and after a day, on January 28 of 2008, Rocket Dog gave birth to her second litter, to an unknown number of pups, only one is known, Bilbo (VMYM130). The next day she left Samba as the babysitter. She had a good day foraging and found some delicious food. But at the afternoon, she realized that Samba was there, foraging with the group. She feared about her pups and called the group and ran to the burrow. When they were almost arriving, Rocket Dog saw a shadow going out form the burrow. She ran faster and faster, but when she arrived it was too late: when she went down to the burrow, she just found blood. And covered in blood, her little and only pup alive: Bilbo. She hugged the pup and fed it. After that she went out from the burrow. She was so much sad, but she didn't know who was the murderer of her and Samba's pups. But in the sunset she saw the evicted females, and Lola had her mouth with so much blood. She called the group and chased them. Rocket Dog felt that she failed again.

VWF060 Rocket Dog 05 04 2008

Rocket Dog as the dominant female pregneat, April 2008

Then she allowed Lola and Millie to return. Millie aborted, while Lola gave birth to three pups, but Dasher's daughter didn't care about the pups. So Rocket Dog took care of them, and her little pup Bilbo. After this, Rocksteady reappeared and took the dominance of the mob. He just returned with one male, her half-brother, Fox. She had a support again, but she proved that she could lead the group, without uncle's help. But after this something terrible happened. In Febraury 2008, in a cold night of spring in the Kalahari a snake went down to the burrow. The females rescued the pups and the rest of the members went out, while Rocket Dog fighted with the snake. In late morning, all the members were out, except she. When she emerged from the burrow, it was clearly that she killed the snake, but she was bitten. Being the same snake that killed Rocket Dog's grandmother, Diasurio, the researchers thought that she couldn't survive and they lost all the hopes when they saw her helping to move the pups. She was weak for the venom, but accompained by a couple of loyal adults and all her children, she arrived the new burrow, meanwhile Rocksteady lead the group. But she was strong and persistent and the next day, she emerged from the burrow. The swelling was smaller than the day before. Bit by bit, Rocket Dog got better and on March she was almost recovered, but not at all healthy, so when she got pregneat on April, she aborted. On April, she was better, but the venom kept in her veins. On 23 of April of 2008, Lola challenged her. She kept a little bit weak, thanks to the venom, and they fighted. Lola was winning, when Rocksteady spotted an eagle and the group splited in two halfs: Rocket Dog, Finn, Fox, Karim, Samba, Arwen, Aragorn, Bilbo, Miles and Gazebo ran away to a near bolt hole, while the others followed Rocksteady and Lola that ran away to a far bolt hole. When Finn emerged to check that the eagle was gone and the little group emerged without any signal of the other group. But Lola and Rocksteady's group was bigger and the researchers removed her collar and radio-collared Lola. She and her little group was lost.

But Rocksteady went roving and left Lola's group, considered as the Mayans Mob, and later he was found with Rocket Dog and her mob, on 25 of May 2008. Rocksteady had a radio-collar too, so they decided to follow RD and Rocksteady's group, now considered the Mayans. Her bite was better than in April and she was almost recovered, since her bite was in Febraury. Rocket Dog's group had only ten members, they had to grow. In June she was seen with a wild rover. She knew that she had to got pregneat, for the good of the group. And luckily she got it! In July she was pregneat. She tried to carry the litter. Samba wasn't a threat for her now. But in the same month Samba got pregneat. Rocket Dog knew that she could kill her pups and evicted her. Arwen was just nine months old. But all became good when on August 19 of 2008 she gave birth to her second surviving litter, of four pups: Snickers (VMYM131), Raymond (VMYM132), Artemis (VMYF133) and Wildkat (VMYM134). Rocket Dog took care of the litter. She knew that her pups were indispensable for the group, and she loved them, unlike so much females. And thanks to her and her loyal group, all the pups survived! Rocket Dog taught her pups good and they were clever little pups. When her pups were three weeks old she allowed Samba to return. She quickly got pregneat again in November of 2008. Rocksteady tried to chase and chase the rover, but Rocket Dog was more canny and avoided her daddy.  For her, carry a litter was difficult, but she loved her pups. And now just Rocksteady and Samba weren't her children in the group. After two months carring the litter, on December 12 of 2008 she gave birth to a new litter: Neko (VMYF135), Scarlet (VMYF136) and Grus (VMYM137). Again she took care so much of her pups and she taught her pups how to climb trees and dig, with the help of her children. Finn and Fox went roving, knowing that their work was made and they joined Lola's group to help her. Under Rocket Dog's leadership, the Mayans were much better off.

Rocket Dog on a tree

Rocket Dog on a tree on March 2009

On January she mated with an unkown rover, an in Febraury she was again pregneat. But Samba and Arwen were pregneat too. She evicted Samba and Arwen on Febraury. When she was foraging with the group, carring the litter and  looking after her children. Rocksteady helped her so much, keeping the rovers out of the group. Aragorn, her loyal son, took sentry. They were foraging near the burrow. Suddenly Aragorn spotted two meerkats in their burrow. Rocket Dog stayed looking at the meerkats. The most of the group didn't know who were this meerkats, but Rocket Dog, Rocksteady, Karim, Aragorn, Bilbo, Miles, Snickers and Artemis knew that this kats were Samba and Arwen. This last one, went down to the burrow to gave birth. Rocket Dog didn't worry about it and she told to the group to continue foraging. But when they returned to the burrow, no more pregneat Arwen and very pregneat Samba ran away. Rocket Dog went down to see the pups, but...there were no pups in the burrow. Confused and sad, she went out of the hole and sat at the entrace of the burrow, wondering about her first grandchildren. The oldest members stayed with her. Suddenly she saw Samba near the burrow. Her niece ran away when she realized that she was spotted. But very briefly, she saw that her niece had her mouth with blood. Mistery solved. But this worry more Rocket Dog about Samba. In two weeks she was so much worried, chasing Samba. She let Arwen to return, being the only female now (plus her) that could feed her pups. One day Samba gave birth. When she noticed that Samba gave birth, she callled The Mayans and happy ran to the burrow to find pups. But Arwen was faster (being no more pregneat) and went down. Rocket Dog didn't care, thinking that Arwen wanted to saw the pups first, but she never waited the thing that happened after: her daughter killed the pups as a revenge. Rocket Dog was esctatic, but she didn't do anything to her daughter. However, Samba attacked Arwen and gave her a scar in her nose. But Rocket Dog knew that the females could kill her pups. She chased them again, not atacking the females. She was strong and she was not going to let her pups die. Finally all her pains were woth when on March 27 of 2009 she gave birth to three pups: Topcat (VMYM138), Butch (VMYM139) and Marzia (VMYF140). But she gave birth to this litter so much fast as her other ones and was a little bit weak. She let Arwen and Samba to return, being so kind with the females, unlike Lola, after evicting the most of the females and killing all the pups that aren't her ones. RD focused in foraging and gave the babysitter duty to Arwen and Karim. This was a fatal mistake. When she and her three week pups were foraging, Karim was on sentry with Aragorn, Rockstaedy and little Snickers. Arwen and Artemis were taking care of the pups. Suddenly Karim saw little Marzia going to a bolt hole. So he went down, following her. Rocket Dog went to do sentry duty, feeling better, but she didn't find Karim or her little pup Marzia. She called her group, fearing about the worst. The 18 members of the group went with her, searching for the lost members. Suddenly Karim emerged from the hole, awnsering to calls. She and the group kept waiting for Marzia, but... she was not going to emerge. Under the burrow a snake had ended with Marzia's short life. This was the very first time that one of her pups died. She was so sad the following days, but her loyal daughters didn't tried to overthrew her.

In June something different happened. For the very first time, Karim, Bilbo, Gazebo, Miles and young Wildkat went roving. All this meerkats were for she like her sons, and she has happy to saw her "sons" going to left her legacy in the desert. And she became more happy when at the end of the month they returned. They continue doing this and she was proud of her sons. In July she mated with a rover and luckily she was pregneat in August. In July, for the safety of her pups, she evicted Arwen. In July, Samba had a miscarriage. In August she evicted Samba and didn't let the females to return, knowing that this could be the end of her pups. Happily she gave birth on October 3 of 2009 to a new litter of two pups: Tina (VMYF141) and Ricou (VMYF142), twin sisters who will be so much powerful in the future. She quickly got pregneat again on November and at the end of the month she evicted Samba and Arwen again, being Arwen pregneat. Sursprisly she gave birth to another litter on December 28 of 2009: Kathleen (VMYF143), Tigi (VMYM144), Gringo (VMYM145), Rioja (VMYF146) and Jizzle (VMYM147). Then she allowed the females to return. And Arwen kept pregneat in the eviction. RD kept an eye in her daughter, just for caution. Sadly that same month, her roving sons dissapired and were concidered Last Seen. She waited and waited them, but at the end, she realized that they were not going to return.

Rocket Dog in the burrow March 2010

Rocket Dog sitting in the burrow March 2010

On January, Samba, Arwen and Artemis were all pregneat, but between the pregneat females, nothing remained. She was pregneat on Febraury. So she evicted Samba, Arwen, Artemis and Scarlet. Rocket Dog knew that Samba and Arwen were the most dangerous females, and was a little bit tired of them. But all became good, when she gave birth to a large litter of pups, on March 16 of 2010: Frodo (VMYM148), Sam (VMYM149), Ted (VMYM150), Merry (VMYM151), Pippin (VMYM152), and Atenea (VMYF153), the only female in her litter. This was her largest litter ever, so she and the group worked so much and any of her pups died! But on day, it was so close. They were foraging and she was teaching her pups, Frodo, Atenea and Sam, while Neko was teaching the other pups. Suddenly, Aragorn gave the alarm. The Aztecs, their archie-rivals, were coming. She called her group and war-danced to their rivals. And the battle started. She and Artemis attacked Hawkeye, while Rockstaedy, Aragorn and Snickers attacked Keros. Hawkeye was older and strong. When she and Artemis jump to surprise her, one of Hawkeye eldest daughters (who reamains unknown) jumped from somewhere and attacked Artemis, leaving RD and Hawkeye alone to fight. They growled each to the other and using her great wheight, RD pushed Hawkeye to the ground. Rocket Dog was a big female and a strong opponent. She started to bite and push Hawkeye to the ground, but Hawkeye bite her in the nose. In the instant, she jumped back, but when Hawkeye attacked her, RD pushed Hawkeye away. Finally, wounded, she slamed Hawkeye to the ground and grabbed her leg. Her enemy cried and finally ran away. The most of the Aztecs ran away. She was happy for a moment, having the victory almost in her hands. Suddenly she heard a cry. Then she saw Sam in Rufio's mouth, running to kill him. Desesperate she ran away and just in time, she pull off Sam from Rufio's mouth. This was so close. After this, Sam was so close to her. In April, her daughter Artemis got pregneat for the very first time alone. This could be the born of her first grandchildren. But sadly Artemis aborted.

But in June something bad happened. It was a group split: she and brave Aragorn took the control of one half, while ambitious Samba and old Rocksteady took the control of the other. This was something that worry so much her. In June she was on sentry the most of the time. Her loyal son Aragorn kept the rovers out of the territory and the pups safe. She and the group searched for the other half, but they didn't find them in three weeks. This made her feel that she failed to her group. She was proud of it and didn't want bad things for her children. Hopefully, one day, they found them foraging. She was so happy, but Samba didn't want to left the crown. Samba challenged her and they fighted. Samba was Mayer's last daughter alive in the project, after they lost Lola's wild mob. But RD was stronger and after a little fight, she put Samba in her place. She marked all the females, reaffirming her dominance. But in July, a revolution of some females started: Arwen, Artemis and Scarlet, led by Samba. They attacked her, but she defeated Samba and they stoped. She gave them a second opportunity, but marked them, trying to tell them that she was leader. But they attacked her again and now she was angry with them. She evicted them all. Then she evicted Neko and young Ricou, telling to the other females that she was the leader. After a few days, she allowed Ricou to return and after a weeks, Neko, her only loyal daughters of the evicted ones. She taught them good, in any moment Neko became pregneat, and she appraise her loyality. Ricou was young. But she chased the others, telling them that their time in the group had ended. And they didn't return, but considered Last Seen. RD should be strong if she wanted to stay in the dominance. That same month, Aragorn, Snickers and Raymond started to went roving more often. In August she was pregneat, but aborted in September. On October she was pregneat again, and remembering her past, she evicted Neko and Ricou. And she gave birth to four pups on Novmeber 13 of 2010: Turkey (VMYF154), Zelda (VMYF155), Santa (VMYF156) and Ling (VMYM157). This pups were especial to her, after losing her first daughters. Just after that, she evicted Tina, Kathleen and Rioja. And something strange happen: one day she was found in the baby-sitter burrow, baby-sitting this pups! Rocket Dog, after anyone trusted in her, she became a exceptional leader, leading good her group for almost four years in that moment. But after a few days she let them to return, except Neko. It seemed that her time in the group was over. In December she evicted Ricou, who started to be like her when Rhian was in the throne. She was ready to have her own group, but it was no going to be the Mayans. RD fighted so much for her throne and she was not ready to left it. She kept chasing Neko the rest of the year. Menwhile she was proud of her sons Snickers, Raymond and Grus, three strong rovers.

Rocket Dog Oct 2011b

Rocket Dog pregneat on October 2011, with her scar

On Febraury 2011 she was pregneat again. She kept chasing Neko, and she was a little agresive as she was pregneat. She evicted Ricou, Tina, Kathleen and Rioja, her eldest daughters now. But on March 2011 she gave birth to a new litter: Harrison (VMYM158), Adhuil (VMYF159), Ernesto (VMYM160), Finn (VMYM161), Cinnamon (VMYF162), VMYP163 and VMYP164. She almost did a fatal mistake, because Atenea was pregneat, but her loyal daughter was like her, and didn't killed the pups. She was proud of her daughter, she taught her good. And Sam helped her so much. Sometime after seeing that Sam was loyal to her mother, Aragorn left the group to find new adventures. She knew that she taught her sons good. Now anyone could dispute that she was a great dominant female. Sadly she lost again a pup, when Rocksteady was baby-sitting, being old and now weak, but having the esteem of the other males; the Aztecs attacked the burrow. He ran away, to alert the group. When she saw him, she knew what was happening. She called all the group and desesperate ran to the baby-sitting burrow. But when the hole appeared in the horizon, she saw Hawkeye with her unnamed pup. She cried and furious war danced to the rival group. Keros led the most of the members to attack the Mayans. The Mayans were furious and Rocket Dog pushed her archie-enemy away. But it was too late. Her little pup was death in the sand. No beliebing her eyes, she grabbed Hawkeye's neck with her teeht. Hawkeye cried and if her daughter Sancerre didn't came and pushed her away, this could be Hawkeye's last fight. Rocket Dog remembered her scar. Then, with young Sam and Atenea at her side, she went down under the burrow. She fighted with some members underground, but wounded the warriors emerged, chasing the murderers. Finally, wounded, but victorius, the Mayans chased away the enemy. But no all was victory; she lost one of her little pups. Sadly another of her pups was predated sometime after that. But on April something terrible happened: Rocksteady died from old age. After more than four years with the same pair, for her the change was difficult. Unlike the most of the females, she didn't like permanent mate, she liked the rovers, but not having them in the group. She liked the family. But her sons were loyal and Sam took the dominance. However, she was depressed after her uncle's death. The same month Neko started to appear near the group, after being absent two months. But she didn't wanted a rival in the dominance. Neko was chased off always and dissapired at last.

On July she became pregneat again, after her son Gringo died from unkwon causes. The most of her sons were exceptional rovers and her roving. Ricou and Tina were her most strong daughters, she was proud of them, but she knew that they could overthrew her. They were ready to be dominant. She evicted Ricou, Tina, Kathleen and Rioja. Kathleen go away from the rest and tried to rejoin the group, but the other females met up some Lazuli males and formed the Baobab mob, with Ricou and Tina, taking turns as the dominant

Rocket Dog and pups Oct 2011

Rocket Dog with Kathleen's pups, September 2011

females. Then as her last days of pregnancy, que evicted Atenea. The two females joined the Baobab. But she gave birth to a new litter of four pups in August 2011: VMYP164, Dakota (VMYF165), VMYP166 and VMYP167. But sadly just Dakota survived, because the Whiskers, led by Skat Kat, attacked the burrow. She was foraging when Sam just came with a pup in his mouth. After that, she was so sad and took care so much of her last pup. In this same month, Kathleen, who was pregneat and Atenea rejoined the group, that made her more happy. She groomed her daughters, appreciating their loyality. But the best thing for her was when her daughter Kathleen gave birth to her first grandchildren in the group in September: Dominique (VMYF168), Pepper (VMYM169), Cecil (MYM170) and VMYF171. Kathleen took care so much of her pups and Rocket Dog too, being her first grandchildren. But being winter and she old, one of the pups was predated. Something curious about her, is that she never killed a pup in her whole life. That same month, the Mayans found, a Baobab burrow, with Rioja as the baby-sitter. Rioja ran away when she saw the mob coming. She ran away, while she led the mob to the burrow. She went down to investigate. Then she came out with a pup in her mouth. But unlike the most of the meerkats, she gently took the pup and ran away with her! It was Ricou's daughter, Misfit. She adopted the little pup into her own group! All the members acepted the pup. On October she got pregneat and evicted Kathleen and Atenea, while her daughter Santa aborted. She gave birth to two pups on November 2011: VMYP172 and VMYP173, but the two died in December 2011. She was old and was difficult to her to control the group being of almost thirty members. Her sons went roving usually, but they returned all the times. In November she evicted Kathleen, Atenea and Santa. This were her new rivals in the dominance. On January she evicted Kathleen. Kathleen was more rebelious and she knew what that means. She and her

Rocket Dog in the burrow March 2012

Rocket Dog after gave birth March 2012

were pregneat. But they weren't the only. Atenea and Santa were pregneat. In Febuary she evicted Atenea, but being young she allowed Santa to stay. But soon she allowed to evicted females to return. Atenea had aborted, but Kathleen was pregneat. So she, Kathleen and Santa gave birth to a mixed litter on March 2012: VMYP174, Dancer (VMYM175), Dizzy (VMYM176), Tiger (VMYM177) and Enili (VMYF178). All the group took care of the pups, so was imposible to determinate who was the mother. But sadly one of them died the same month, predated. And after this month, a drought hit the Kalahari, like when she was a young dominant female of the half of the Mayans. But now the group was bigger and she didn't want to lose her chlidren. But some members started to die and this started to worry Rocket Dog. She was unable to produce litters now stressed like in the year 2006. But she could control the group. But when Snickers and Grus didn't came back, she started to worry so much, hapilly they returned in July, but inmediatly left it, just to join the new mob without dominant male, the Jaxx Mob. When they encontered the new mob, the Mayans chased them, but the researchers saw Rocket Dog more happy than before, she was proud of her first son, Snickers as dominant male. Her group was struggling to survive, but the most positive thing it was that her group remained the same number, thanks to her leadership. In July she evicted Kathleen. RD had mated with a Whiskers rover, like Kathleen. In August she was pregneat, but stressed with the drought, she aborted in September and also Kathleen do it. She allowed her daughter to return. All her sons were in the group, except for Snickers and Grus, and Jizzle left the group to join the Incas. She worried about the group in that time so much and was on sentry the most of the time, despite being old. In October she was pregneat with Kathleen, and she evicted Turkey for a unknown reason.

But in that month passed the inevitable thing: the Mayans splited in two halfs; she alone led one, while Kathleen and Sam, led the other one. Now she was worse than before. They lost a lot of territory, but in the end of the month her half met up the other one and joined again. But something was different with her.

Rocket Dog as subordinate[]

She actually didn't wanted the dominance again. So when Kathleen attacked her, she seduced to her daughter, trying to get some clemency, but archly, Kathleen attacked and evicted her from the group. Then two of her daughters, Cinnamon and Adhuil, accompained her after being evicted. The next day, she got up first, near to the group. But the dominant female was no more Kathleen: it was Turkey. And she allowed the evicted females to return. Rocket Dog stayed in the group as a loyal subordinate and Turkey liked that. In January the drought ended and the Mayans were good in their numbers as the other groups. And she got pregneat that    same month to gave birth to the first pups of the year of the group on Febraury

Rocket Dog resting March 2013

Rocket Dog restig in the sand March 2013

2013: Greegan (VMYM179), Will (VMYM180) and Muscat (VMYF181). Turkey allowed her litter to survive. She cared so much her pups and never let them die, and with the help of all her children, the pups survived. But on March something terrible happened: the Mayans splited in two halfs while they were foraging, when some of the oldest males started to go away to rove, instead of that some young females and males followed them. After a month some evicted females joined them and formed the Incas Mob. She was in the half with Turkey. Sam was close to her and always groomed her. She was loyal to Turkey, and her daughter was loyal to her. Rocket Dog taught Greegan and he became so close to her. But the rainy days stoped and the winter with the Kalahari after the drought, and she was weak. She often searched food and let her sons to be sentries, but she needed to dig so deep to find something. Her most often food, the millipides became scarce and she started to eat crickets and solifuges, but she stayed thin and skiny. She didn't became pregneat being not the dominant female. In July two meerkats of the Lazuli, Daryl and Andy joined the Mayans. Sam gave the position of the dominant male to Daryl. But Rocket Dog and Daryl for an unknown reason didn't get along. She didn't care about the males, but Daryl often attacked her. She just seduced to him, but when she became tired, she attacked him. Daryl stopped, but he often growled to her.

Turkey led good the Mayans, and she was proud of her daughter. She baby-sitted Turkey's two children with Sam and defended them from the enemy, when the Whiskers attacked their burrow. Charlie, one of the pups, became so close to her and Sam after that. However something strange happened. Turkey gave the crown again to Rocket Dog. She didn't wanted the dominance, but the females had some respect to her, even Kathleen who was more rebelious and Muscat. She took the crown and led her group again. She and Daryl started to got along better than before, but he kept closer to Turkey. In December the rainy season started again and the group became strong again. But she wasn't interested in the dominance and when Turkey attacked her, she just seduced to her. However after a minutes, she was the dominant female again. After 2013, RD was almost blind and weak, but she still strong to led her group.

In January, her daughter Kathleen became agresive after mating with a rover and evicted poor Muscat, who was agresive too. Rocket Dog attacked Kathleen and put her in her place and allowed her daughter to

Rocket Dog walking in the storm December 2013

Rocket Dog walking in the first storms December 2013

return. Her strong returned for a while and mated with a unknown roving male, instead of Daryl who didn't wanted her, and evicted Kathleen, Turkey, Zelda and Santa. But she didn't became pregneat and let her daughters to return. But on February 2014 all changed to her: her determinate daughter Cinnamon took the dominance. She was happy now and just started to take care of the pups with Sam and the new baby-sitter Greegan. Today Rocket Dog still alive as subordinate in the Mayans. She is now one of the oldest meerkats in the project, the long-term dominant female of the Mayans. But for her age and being almost blind, the researchers left no so much hopes of her survival in the kalahari.


Mother: Rhian

Rocket Dog's litter

Rocket Dog and her sibblings are pups

Father: Coop

Sister: Dasher

Brothers: Sprite and Gladiator

Sons: Aragorn, Bilbo, Snickers, Raymond, Wildkat, Grus, Topcat, Butch, Tigi, Gringo, Jizzle, etc.

Daughters: Arwen, Artemis, Marzia, Ricou, Tina, Kathleen, Rioja, Atenea, etc.

Grandmothers: Diasurio and unknown

Grandfathers: Dante and unknown

Famous Children[]

Being the most succesful mother in the Kalahari, Rocket Dog should have sucessors. Her son Aragorn became the dominant male of a wild group and it's observed in some enconters with the Jaxx, but not followed. Her son Snickers became the dominant male at the Jaxx Mob, while Raymond became the dominant male at the Incas Mob. Ricou and Tina were two sucessful dominant females of the Baobab Mob, and after the death of the two ones, RD's daughter, Rioja, became the new dominant. Kathleen overthrew her, but her reing was just for a day, however she was dominant female of the Mayans. Sam became the dominant male of the Mayans, after Rocksteady's death, at her side. Turkey became the dominant female of the Mayans (almost her sucessor) and of the Incas after being evicted, but another RD's daughter, Zelda overthrew her and became the dominant female. Cinnamon became her sucessor when she took the dominance of the Mayans on February 2014. Menwhile her adopted son Karim, became the dominant male of a roving coalicion and then of a short-lived Mob, without name. But the most of her legacy still alive and could be more sucessors.


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