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Some attributes
First Brothers: Andy and Daryl

Sisters: Peahen and Butterly

Second Cause of death: N/A still alive
Third Known for: disappearing and reapearing with sister
Other attributes
Fourth Also known for: having P.T.S.D
Fifth Also known for: Possibly mating with his sister
Sixth Also known for: Zappa co-founder

Ryan was born into The Lazuli mob on December 3rd, 2008. He dissapeared with a small mob of relatives in early 2010, until reapearing safe and sound in 2012 with Peahen and the other Zappas.


Ryan was born in the Lazuli, in late 2008. He had two brothers, Daryl and Andy, as well as two sisters, Peahen and Butterfly. Like Daryl, Ryan found Andy impossible to deal with, and mostly only played with Daryl and sometimes Peahen. During their first couple of weeks out of the burrow, they were relatively close, until Butterfly was predated by a hawk. After that, Ryan started keeping more to himself, and became slightly jumpy. This was probably some sort of post traumatic stress disorder, which he began to get over as he hit his teenage months, and he seemingly had returned to normal once he hit maturity, at about a year old.

As the Lazuli were out foraging one afternoon, a puff adder was discovered residing in one of their spare burrows. Having a major fear of predators--more than the natural fear--instilled by Butterfly's death, Ryan rushed off. Not knowing how to react around a snake, Andy hurried after him. The brothers hid in a nearby bolt hole, but a more curious Andy was quick to leave. Ryan stayed alone underground for about ten more minutes, before he decided to come out. Realizing that not only had he survived an encounter with a snake--albeit by running away from it--Ryan regained his courage, and became a much braver meerkat, standing sentry very often. As sentry, he always made sure that the other meerkats were hidden before hiding himself.

Andy and ryan

Ryan (left) with Andy

While Andy and Daryl left to rove, Ryan stayed back at the Lazuli, now committed to protecting them. Soon, however, Ryan's littermate sister Peahen was impregnated by an unknown roving male, probably a Whiskers male, as they were their neighbors at the time. Ryan, nervous for her, didn't leave Peahen's side for the whole three months she was preganant, and babysat her tripplets--CilantroChili Pepper and Water Cress--constantly for their first three weeks. After a month, it seemed that Peahen was not to be evicted--but, as soon as that was thought, the dominant female brutally attacked her, and sent her packing.

Unnamed Mob[]

Ryan peahen pups

Ryan, Peahen and their sister with the triplets

With no one else to look after Peahen's three girls, Ryan took it upon himself to care for them and bring them solid food until they turned three months old. This whole time Peahen had been following the Lazuli, and not yet allowed back in. Out of pure despiration to have company and be with her children, Peahen snuck close to the group. Ryan was being pestered by the pups to bring them food--which with them at three months old he was not inclined to do--and noticed her, but for the first time did not sound the alarm, but hurried to her side to groom her. Peahen greeted him and her daughters gladly, called for them to follow her. Ryan was confused, by too excited about seeing his sister again to care. That night, the five meerkats returned to the burrow belonging to Peahen, which they helped to clean out.

Ryan, Peahen and the juviniles stayed together for four straight months without Ryan leaving to rove or rejoin the Lazuli, and were even joined by a number of their evicted sisters. It was looking like they would be forming a new family, but were never named, as their were no unrelated males in the group. It was obvious that Peahen had become pregnant again. It is possible that Ryan mated with her, but it seems improbable, because they were brother and sister--not only brother and sister, littermates. None the less, Peahen was never seen in the company of a roving male, and she gave birth to a huge litter of six.

At three weeks old, the unnamed mob moved burrows with the pups, and they left the KMP area. They never re-entered the area, and the group was consitered last seen in early 2010.



Ryan, super-nanny!

Astoundingly, in 2012, Peahen, Ryan and all the rest reapeared into the KMP area! Peahen was heavily pregnant at the time, and the pups were likely that of the new dominant male, Rum. It is unknown when Ryan stepped down--or how cooperatively, for that matter--but it was probably soon after they dissapeared from the KMP tracking area, because both Ryan and Rum seem very happy and comfortable with their positions in the mob, now called the Zappa.

Ryan has become a major babysitter, taking care of Peahen's three week olds very often, and seems to still have that same sence of loyalty to her and her children that he's always had. Ryan is still alive in the Zappa today.