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Skatkat Whiskers
Skatkat February 2014
Skatkat February 2014
Some attributes
First Mob(s):Whiskers
Second Dominant:Yes of the Whiskers
Third Date of birth:29th of April 1998

Date of Death:------ Cause of Death:------

Other attributes
Fourth Parents:MollyHolly and Argin

Litter-mates:Cruise,Fatty mc Fatty and Roggongo.

Fifth Mate(s):Sundance Kid and Dali

Children:Dirty harry,Popkat and Marypat ext ext..

Sixth Known for:Killing Rhian

Also known as:Great leader of the Whiskers

Whiskers/Subordinate Female[]

Skatkat (VWF002) was born into The Whiskers Mob On the 29th of April, 2002.  Her mother was the dominant female, MollyHolly, and her father was the newly crowned dominant male, Argin.  Her aunt, Brangles, had recently gave birth to a single female--Freya, but MollyHolly killed Freya so that her litter could have a better chance at survival.  She had two sisters, Cruise and Fatty mc Fatty, and one brother, Roggongo.  Skatkat eventually turned three weeks old and emerged from the burrow.  On her fifth day out of the burrow she was, as usual, being babysat.  Todays babysitters where uncle Delphon and auntie Piggo.  Though Delphon soon raised the alarm- The Mayans where charging towards them! Piggo went undergroung behind the pups but Delphon couldn't get in on time and had to dash for it.  While a crack team of Mayans chased away Delphon, the rest of the Mayans where Digging at the entrance trying to get at the pups, But first they had to get through Piggo.  An hour later, and quarter of the Mayans where inside the burrow, trying to find Piggo and the pups.  As Dante, the dominant male of the Mayans, Headed down and found Piggo and the pups there was no telling what was going to happen.  Ten minutes later the Whiskers appeared. On the top of the hill they saw it with most of the Mayans gone chasing away Delphon,  It was time to strike as they started viciously raining down on the Mayans, chasing all but one of them out.  Underneath the pups where found with two things infront of them: the remains of Piggo, and the blood of Dante who had thankfully made it out alive.  The sadness of loosing Piggo sunk in terribly for the small Whiskers, and to make it worse, Delphon was badly Injured.  Two years past and Skatkat was a fully grown adult female.  Her mother had recently gave birth to two litters, though they were skatkats only little siblings, since her mother wasn't very producive.  They contained four females--NippleScratcher, Spam, Spatula and Hawkeye and 3 males--Lanky, Dave and Inga.  While foraging, the group got stuck in a storm and had to stay in one of the Lazuli's burrows, though first it had to be checked. MollyHolly went down but soon came up, with a snake bite.  Underneath a cape cobra had been resting.  Skatkat managed to lead her family to another burrow, but they had to abandon MollyHolly on the way, and later that day MollyHolly died.  It was now Brangles turn to take dominance of the Whiskers.  Argin left, though soon returned but sadly died by a hawk.  A few months later Brangles died of starvation, thanks to a drought.  Lucky now took female dominance beside Benty.  But only days after Benty got ran over by a car.  Skatkat started getting more determined to be a dominant and did the unthinkable...

Whiskers/Dominant Female[]

Skatkat attacked Lucky, overthrowing her and taking the position of dominant female!  


Skatkat as newly crowned Dominant

Skatkat turned out to be pregnant to a roving male, Dali.  She soon gave birth to Dirty Harry, Popkat and Mary Pat.  Then Dali returned with his big brother, Sundance Kid, and they immigrated into the group, but instead of Dali taking dominance, Snundance Kid did.  A few months later Skatkat had given birth to two litters they contained four females-Cheetera, Petra, Mad Eye Moody and Gaia and 1 male--Pantxo, all fathered by Sundance Kid, who turned out to be a brave dominant male.  A Mayans evicted female, Kaluha had been wandering around Whiskers territory. She is only six months old and no-one knows why Diasurro kicked her out.  As she lurks underneath a bush, Skatkats little brothers, Inga and Dave, spot the lone female.  They together head towards her.  That night, neither Inga nor Dave had returned.  Skatkat starts getting worried.  Eventually, the last of her little brothers, Lanky, heads of to find the missing males.  The next morning, the Whiskers are down three adult males.  None of the three youngsters returned to the burrow and no one knows what happened.  Five square kilometers away, Lanky, Dave, Inga, Kaluha and two unknown females are emerging from a sleeping burrow.  This looks like the formation of a new group.  By the looks of it, Lanky and one of the unknown females are the dominant pair.  Skatkat is getting ready to head out to forage, but as she does the Whiskers don't follow her.  This is bad news, although eventually the Whiskers follow Skatkat.  As Skatkat is munching on a large millipede, half of the Whiskers are no-where to be seen.  Skatkats sister, Spatula, is leading the Whiskers away.  Skatkat has turned out to be not as a good of a female as the Whiskers had hoped, and they are starting to think that her little sister Spatula would be a better dominant female.  This thought goes around until there's only Skatkat, Sundance Kid and a few adult males. The rest of the group are following Spatula.  Eventually all but twelve of the Whiskers return to Skatkat's lead calls.  That night the Whiskers sat at the entrance of their burrow.  Yesterday they lost three adult males, today they lost eleven adults and even worse, Skatkat's little pup, Mad eye Moody.  For Skatkat, it was a devastating loss, but it was just part of life.  That night, she led her now even smaller family back to the burrow.  But Skatkat had a secret that she could no longer hide.  She headed down early, as the rest of her sweet family followed her down.  The next morning brought excitement and glee to the whiskers.  Underneath were Skatkats two pups in the caring paws of todays babysitter, Cruise.  Doice and his sister Kapou Kakoo were the new offspring of the Whiskers and were going to be well taken care of.