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The Aztecs   []

The Aztecs
The Aztecs March 2012
The Aztecs March 2012
Some attributes
First Founders- Spatula, Hawkeye, Igraine, Jubalani, Mad Eye Moody, Dali, Keros, Arah, Stinker, Morris, Obelix and Getaflix.
Second Dominant Pairs: Spatula+Dali, Hawkeye+Keros
Third Current Dominant pair: Hawkeye+Keros
Other attributes
Fourth Members:47 (27 adults, 15 teenagers,5 pups)
Fifth Pregnant: Hawkeye
Sixth Evicted: None

Roving: Rufio

The Aztecs are a Whiskers splinter group formed in February 2004 that never re-joined. They started as almost the whole group in only minutes, all but twelve left to continue following Skatkat.  The eldest female, who had done the lead calls for the Whiskers to follow, Skatkat's little sister Spatula took female dominance.  All but one of the females were Skatkat's daughters, though the other one was Spatula's twin, Hawkeye.  Dali took male dominance but soon returned to the Whiskers.  Hawkeye then took dominance from Spatula.  

The Aztecs are a strong mob, the largest around at the moment.  They became large thanks to Hawkeye's huge litters.  Their territory is Zion, their center.

Dominant Pair[]

When they first split, Spatula took female dominance beside Dali.  But in a few weeks Dali left to return to the Whiskers.  Spatula's nephew, Keros took male dominance.  Spatula then lost dominance to her twin sister, Hawkeye.

Current Members[]

Hawkeye (VWF687) Dominant Female (Played by Sophie the Meerkat)

Keros (VWM694) Dominant male (Available)

Spatula (VWF660) (aVAILABLE)