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Mayans Mob
The Mayans with their leader Rocket Dog
The Mayans with their leader Rocket Dog
Some attributes
First Founders: Diasurio, Dante, VMYM003, VMYM004 and Rover
Second Dominant Females: Diasurio, Akira, Rhian, Rocket Dog, Lola, maybe Kathleen and Turkey
Third Dominant males: Dante, Rover, Coop, Rocksteady, Vince, Sam and Daryl
Other attributes
Fourth Members: 17 (15 adults, and 2 pups)
Fifth Pregneat females: Cinnamon
Sixth Evicted females: None

The Mayans is a group founded by four wild meerkats in 1996. After many years they still alive with Rocket Dog and Daryl as their leaders.

The Mayans were formed by one wild female and three wild males in September of 1996. Diasurio, the wild female, and Dante, one of the males, took dominance, but after a couple of months the oldest males in the group left them. The researchers left any hope in this group, they remove Diasurio's collar and leave them. But after three months, they found Diasurio, Dante and Rover baby-sitting a litter. After this they radio-collared Diasurio and Dante and followed the group. After so many years with their good and bad times, they still alive with a good number of members and Rocket Dog, the oldest still alive meerkat in the project, and Daryl as their mighty leaders.

Dominant couple[]

In the beggining, the dominant couple were Diasurio and Dante. They produced so much litters and after almost four years the group was one of the biggest groups of the reserve. In late 1999 Diasurio died of an snake bite and after a month her daugther Akira took the dominance. Dante left the group and Rover took the dominance for two months, until March 2000 when five males kicked out him and the oldest males without so trouble. Coop took  the dominance along with Akira. They started to produce litters until late 2002 when Akira was overthrew and after some days predated. Rhian took the dominance of the group, but Coop didn't like her so he left the group and his brother Rocksteady took the dominance. Their reing was for almost long five years producing litters. For a year Coop returned and took the dominance in 2003 and a little bit of 2004, but was overthrew by Rocksteady. So much

Rocky and Finn

Akira and Coop dominant couple late 2002

famous meerkats born in that time like Grumpy, Lily, Mr. Scruff, Phoenix, Megan, Rocket Dog and so much more. After a drought in 2006 they were of the strogest and biggest mobs in the Kalahari with 43 strong-members. After a few time in early 2007, Rhian died in a battle with the Whiskers. Rocket Dog became the new leader of the group, but is considered that she was the leader until December 2006, because the dominance was unclear after a group split and when the groups get together, it passed just a few days before Rhian died. This was a new beginning.

The year 2007 was a so difficult year, having a new rockie queen, a big group and so much diceases hit the project. Rocksteady left the group in April 2007 and a young male named Vince took the dominance for a month. Rocksteady returned and kicked him out, leaving Rocket Dog without a mate. Rocket Dog started to produce litters when his uncle started to rove more often, in November 2007 when her first succesful litter was born. The Mayans survived that year. In April 2008 it was another permanent group split after a fight for the dominance of Rocket Dog and Lola. Lola took the control of one part that had Rocksteady and Rocket Dog and Finn took the other. The researchers were confused and they forgot about Rocket Dog and her little group and followed Tequila and Rocksteady. They radio-collared Lola and removed RD's collar. They lost the half without Rocksteady for a month. In May Rocksteady went roving and met up Rocket Dog's group. So much confused now, the researchers decided that they will follow Rocket Dog and Rocksteady's group, being the original one, called The Mayans. Lola's group was followed, but as a wild group and in 2009 dissapired after Lola's massives evictions. After that Rocket Dog and Rocksteady ruled for long years. In April 2011 Rocksteady died and Sam took the dominance of the group being RD's son. In late 2012 Rocket Dog was overthrew by her daughter Kathleen and evicted. But no one obeyed her and Turkey took the dominance just a day after. In July 2013 a male named Daryl joined the mob and took the dominance from Sam without a fight. For a unknown reason, Turkey gave the throne to her mother Rocket Dog in December 2013. But on Febraury 2013 Cinnamon and Atenea evicted Kathleen, Turkey and Zelda, who joined the Incas Mob and kicked out the wild females. Cinnamon took the dominance. Today Cinnamon and Daryl are the dominants.

Current Members[]

Rocket Dog baby-sitting pups December 2013

Rocket Dog with Charlie and Kate December 2013

Cinnamon (VMYF162) Dominant Female

Daryl (VLM134) Dominant Male

Rocket Dog (VMYF060)

Andy (VLM135)

Sam (VMYM149)

Pippin (VMYM152) 

Atenea (VMYF153)

Santa (VMYF156)


Daryl as the dominant male

Ling (VMYM157)

Finn (VMYM161)

Cecil (VMYM170)

Enili (VMYF178)

Greegan (VMYM179)

Will (VMYM180)

Muscat (VMYF181)

Charlie (VMYM182)

Kate (VMYF183)


The Mayans main rivals are The Aztecs. On occasion they encounter the Lazuli, but The Whiskers are extremly common.


Some photos of the Mayans: