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The Whiskers
The Whiskers with MollyHolly as Leader
The Whiskers with MollyHolly as Leader
Some attributes
First Founders- MollyHolly, Brangles, Lucky, Piggo, Argin, Delphon and Benty
Second Dominant Pairs- MollyHolly+Argin Brangles+Argin Brngles+Delphon Lucky+Benty Lucky+Sundance kid Skatkat+Sundance kid
Third Members- 38(16 adults, 15 teens and 7 pups)
Other attributes


The Whiskers mob was formed in April 1998 by four evicted Young Ones females--MollyHolly, Brangles, Piggo and Lucky in the company of two Lazuli rovers--Argin and Delphon--and a recently released five month old male meerkat, named Benty. The Whiskers are a succesful group, and the 2nd largest mob, although they once had been the largest until the group split, causing the formation of The Aztecs, taking them down a mere twelve members.

The Whiskers territory is "Bloodfield". This is their center.

Dominant pair[]

When the Whiskers first formed, MollyHolly took female dominance without any challenge. Before female dominance was secure, Argin, the dominant male, had mated with Brangles, MollyHolly's littermate. MollyHolly and Argin ruled for two years until MollyHolly was bitten by a cape cobra and died. Argin stayed while Brangles took female dominance. Even though he could have stayed, Argin left to rove. He came back a week later but was sadly taken by a hawk soon after and Delphon took male dominance. Sadly, he also dissapeared. Brangles then died of starvation (It was during a drought) and her other sister, Lucky took dominance. The now three year old male, Benty, took male dominance beside Lucky. But benty was run over by a car while crossing the main road. Later, a rover from the Lazuli, Sundance Kid, immigrated into the group and took male dominance. Lucky was then overthrown by her niece, MollyHolly's eldest daughter, Skatkat. Skatkat evicted her twin sister, Cruise as wel as Lucky, so that they couldn't challenge her dominance. These evictees later formed The Queens with wild males.

Current members[]

SkatKat (VWF001) Dominant Female Played by Sophie the Meerkat

Sundance Kid (VLM583) Dominant Male (Available)

Roggongo (VWM001) Subordinate male-Skatkats twin brother (Available)

Cheetera (VWF003) Subordinate Female Skatkats lil sis (Available)


SkatKat the Whiskers dominant female of great lidership

Petra (VWF004) Subordinate female Cheetera's twin sis (Available)

Hawkeye (VWF007) Subordinate female Petra's lil sis (Avaiable)

Bracken (VWM002) Subordinate male Skatkats twin bro (Available)

Dirty Harry (VWM052) Subordinate male Skatkats Eldest son (Available)

PopKat (VWF034) Subordinate Female One of Skatkats 2 eldest Duaghters (Available)

Mary Pat (VWF035) Subordinate Female One of Skatkats 2 eldest Duaghters (Available)

Mad Eye Moody (VWF036) Subordinate Female Skatkats 2nd eldest Duaghter (Available)

Dali (VMM521) Subordinate Male Skatkats ex-mate (Available)

Diablotin (VLM383) Subordinate Male Was adopted in as a pup with his sister (Available)

Amelie (VLF389) Subordinate Female was adopted in as a pup with her Brother (Available)

Dolce (VWM585) Suborindate Male a youngster just turned Adult (Available)

Kapou Kakoo (VWM586) Subordinate male Dolce's Twin brother (Available)

Lust (VWF730) Subordinate Female Almost an Adult (Available)

Ziziphus (VWF731) Subordinate Female Lust's Twin sister (AVAILABLE)

Rocket dog Mayans

Sundance kid, Brave dominant and proud father

Roo (VWF732)  Subordinate Female Lust's other Twin sister (AVAILABLE)

Juma (VWF733) Subordinate Female (AVAILABLE)

Gazebo (VWM734) Subordinate male (AVAILABLE)

Mabili (VWF735) Subordinate Female (AVAILABLE)

Frascati (VWM736) Subordinate male (AVAILABLE)

Hanz (VWM737) Subordinate male (available)

Elsa (VWF738)Subordinate female (AVAILABLE)

Anna (VWF739) Subordinate female (available)

Brambley (VWM737) Subordinate Male (AVAILABLE)

Dusty (VWM738) Subordinate Male (AVAILABLE)

Wilfridina (VWF740) Subordinate Female (AVAILABLE)

Toadflaxinia (VWF741) Subordinate Female (AVAILABLE)

Apple (VWM739) Subordinate Male (Available)

Bootle (VWM740) Male pup (AVAILABLE)

Fable (VWF741) Female Pup (AVAILABLE)

Clintonia (VWF742) Female Pup (available)

Aleggro (VWM743) Male Pup (available)

Crochet (VWM744) Male Pup (available)

Little'un (VWF745) Female pup played by Percy Meerkat

Kleintjie (VWF746) Female pup (available)


When the Whiskers first formed, The Mayans--a group formed two years prior--were their main enemy. Then the group split made the Aztecs move right next to the Whiskers. The Queens formed near the Whiskers but soon died out. The Young Ones died out and the Jackson Five moved in, but theyin turn dissipaited. Today The Whiskers' main rivals are the Lazuli, whie they encounter the Mayans commonly and the Aztecs on occasion.