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The Young Ones
RP Young Ones
Some attributes
First Last dominant female: Brangles

Last dominant male: unknown

Second Formed: sometime before 1992
Third Died out: 2003
Other attributes

The Young Ones were a meerkat clan founded sometime before 1992. Their first known dominant female was Miss Bunny, and their first known dominant male was Andreas.

The Young Ones[]

The Young Ones were formed some time before 1992, which is when the researchers began to track the different meerkat clans (it was mid-summer, the rainy season, at the time). When the researchers began tracking them, The Young Ones were an astoundingly large clan of fifty, including an again astounding fourteen juveniles, all about four months old. All of them could not have been Miss Bunny and Andreas'--the dominant pair at the time--but some of them likely were, as Miss Bunny was definately the dominant female: she was pregant at the time.

After a couple of months, Miss Bunny gave birth to a single pup, a female named Marganie. Being the only pup, she was well taken care of. It took almost nine months, but Miss Bunny was able to get pregnant again. During this time, her daughter Marganie snuck away and mated with a Lazuli roving male. When Miss Bunny found her later, she brutally attacked her, wanting to protect her own litter. After giving birth to her twin boys--Erik and Derek--Miss Bunny was happy to let Marganie back into the group. Soon after this, however, Miss Bunny was killed in a fight with their main rivals at the time, the Lazuli. Marganie took the position of dominant female, while Andreas took a subordinate role underneith Boss-Man, who had imigrated into the Young Ones from the Lazuli with his younger brother, Keros.

RP Young Ones2

The original members of The Young Ones

Boss-Man and Marganie mated, producing a litter of four pups, Lenore, Nessie, Randy and Merman. Just after their birth, however, Boss-Man was killed by a jackal while foraging. Keros moved up to become dominant male, and mated with Marganie. They had triplets, and during the next couple of years produced four other succesful litters. During this time, Erik and Derek dissapeared. In 1995, Marganie and Keros had a litter of four, MollyHollyBrangles, Lucky and another male. Sadly, the Lazulis raided the babysitting burrow soon after the pups were born, killing both the unnamed male and Andreas, who had been babysitting. The Young Ones moved burrows that evening.

Four weeks later, the pups went out on their first foraging trip. Lucky had wandered off from the rest of the group into the tall grass, and was predated. Three months later, Marganie gave birth to a single pup, Piggo, and was later predated. A few months before her mother's death, Lenore had given birth to a litter of pups, which, as The Young Ones were in small numbers what with many of the males out roving, were allowed to live. Since she was the oldest as well as a mother, Lenore took dominance of The Young Ones. Two years passed with Lenore leading the group. A few months into her reign, she found a mate, a meerkat named Extraterrestrial, from The Whiskers Mob (not knowing that they were closely related). They soon mated, and had a large litter. Extraterrestrial was a goofy dominant male, often getting himself into real trouble by being too eager to fight with the rivals and chase snakes. After producing three litters with Lenore, his playful personality ended his reign as dominant male. Extraterrestrial was bitten on the head twice by a cape cobra, which killed him. Lenore didn't find another mate for a while, and only had one litter with a rover during her second year of leadership.

During Lenore's second year leading the group, now grown-up MollyHolly became very competetive and, when The Young Ones split in two due to overpopulation, she took up dominance of the splinter group. The groups met up again, and Lenore and MollyHolly battled it out for dominance. Being older and stronger, Lenore won and evicted her. Wanting to make it clear who was boss, Lenore also evicted Lucky, Brangles and Piggo. Lenore soon regretted her decision, as none of the other full adults in the group were female, so she had nobody to feed her pups. It was 1998 at the time.

Not having wetnurses did not stop Lenore from having children. In fact, she aquired a new mate, a wild male from a group off of the KMP area. He was impossible to get close to and only refered to by his code, but they had three litters in the following year. One day while foraging, he and Lenore did not return and it is unknown what happened to them. One of Lenore's older daughters, Biko, became dominant female after her.

RP Young Ones3

The last known Young Ones

Extremely surprisingly, Biko was never able to produce a successful litter, yet she reigned until 2002. The entire time she lead the group, Biko did not aquire a mate, and she was often challenged by her subordinates. The Young Ones were beginning to look like a lost cause, although a younger sister, Maja, was later able to overthrow and evict Biko. With a new leader, the researchers gained a bit of hope that The Young Ones would enter another prosperous age, but, since there was a drought going through the Kalahari, Maja soon starved. Other members had starved before her, and they were down to a weak five females. They soon went missing and were assumed dead. The last known members of The Young Ones were four roving males who returned to the family burrow to find that their group completely dissapaited.


Miss Bunny

Miss Bunny, the first dominant female

First dominant female: Miss Bunny

First dominant male: Andreas

Second dominant female: Marganie

Second dominant male: Boss-Man

Third dominant female: Lenore

Third dominant male: Keros (mates with Marganie)

Forth dominant female: Biko

Forth dominant male: Extraterrestrial (mates with Lenore)

Fifth dominant female: Maja

Fifth dominant male: Wild rover (mates with Lenore)