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Water Cress
Water cress
Some attributes
First Mother: Peahen

Father: unknown Sisters: Chili Pepper and Cilantro

Second Cause of death: N/A still alive
Third Known for: one of the young members who helped form Peahen's group
Other attributes

Water Cress was born in 2009, the daughter of Peahen and an unknown roving male from The Whiskers Mob. She has two sisters, Chili Pepper and Cilantro.


Water Cress was born with two sisters, to one the subordinate females of the group, Peahen. While she did enjoy wrestling with her sisters, Water Cress had a calmer attitude about her. She was reasonably good at digging and standing, and also a pro at playfights, like her sisters.

When the pups were four weeks old and out foraging with the older meerkats, Water Cress proved herself to be quite the begger, earning quite a bit of food not only from her mother and uncle Ryan, but from the other meerkats, who normally would be less inclined to help out a subordinate's pup. Not only this, she was learning fast the ways of the older females and often gave a bit of her food to her siblings. Water Cress was showing great babysitter potential.

On one of these foraging trips, however, the three pups witnessed their mother being evicted from the group by the dominant female. While Water Cress was just as distraught as her sisters, she tried to hold it together for their benefit.

Unnamed Mob[]

Water Cress

Water Cress attempting to climb a tree

The pups survived the next two months being cared for solely by their uncle and the more helpful teenagers. Water Cress learned to dig just as well as Chili Pepper did, but, like Chili, continued to merely pester Ryan for food.

On one of these occasions, they were foraging a little far off from the rest of the Lazuli. Crying at the top of her lungs for Ryan's scorpion, Water Cress almost didn't notice a familiar scent in the air. But she nonetheless noticed it, and turned to find that her mother, Peahen was behind them! Water Cress and her sisters and uncle hurried to greet Peahen, happily grooming her side and legs, and nuzzling her neck in welcome. When Peahen called for Water Cress and her sisters to follow her home, she gladly did, and they returned that night to Peahen's burrow. Water Cress' heart was lighter, and she slept very well that night.

Water cress with pups

Water Cress babysits

For the next four months, Water Cress, Ryan, Chili Peper and Cilantro stayed with Peahen. During this time away from the Lazuli, there was a great need for sentries, and Water Cress turned out to have become a fair tree climber. They were joined by other Lazuli evictees and Lazuli rovers, and, when the time came for her mother to birth her second litter, Water Cress was able to prove herself a fine babysitter. At only seven months old she could not produce milk, but cared for her six little brothers and sisters very well anyway. When the time came for a burrow move, Water Cress carried one of the pups along with her. The unnamed group moved some where off of KMP raidar, so Water Cress and the rest were concidered last seen in early 2010.


Water cress2

Water Cress, the little Zappa

Than, as if by a mirical, the little group repeared in 2012, still under the rule of Peahen, while Ryan had taken a subordinate role in the group under the new dominant male, Rum. All of the six babies had made it to adulthood, and there were lots of new members, possibly some of Water Cress' younger siblings.

Water Cress herself was now a contributing member of the family, and a wonderful babysitter of Peahen and Rum's pups. But, like both of her littermate sisters, Water Cress was pregnant by a rover from the Whiskers, Roggongo. Hopefully, her great babysitting skills will keep Peahen from evicting her. Water Cress is still alive in the Zappa today.