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Will (VMYM180) was born in the Mayans Mob. His mother was the ex-dominant female, Rocket Dog and his


Sleepy Will

father was an unknown rover. He had two sibblings, one brother named Greegan (VMYM179) and one sister named Muscat. The dominant female was not her mother, but it was his older half-sister Turkey, while the dominant male was his older half-brother Sam. He and his sibblings were saved by RD, Santa and Ling when the Whiskers attacked. But, unlike Greegan he didn't become so close to his mother and he was more close to Andy, a rover who arrived with the new dominant male of the Mayans, Daryl. And when he was almost a year old, he went roving with Pippin, Ling and Finn. He didn't like to work as baby-sitter of Turkey's newest pups and he left the grouo to rove, but, taught by his older brothers, he returned on January 2014. But unlike Pippin and Ling, he didn't went roving in February and helped his older sister and new dominant of the group, Cinnamon, to kick of the rovers. Will still alive in the Mayans today.